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H1468x60375 1250 3250 5750 10000
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N1180x100 150 500 1300 2300 4000
N2180x2501655501430 25304400
N3180x250125 415 1100 1925 3325
C4, C5350x60 75 250 6501150 2000
C6234x60 55 185 485 850 1450

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Information in the "Coming Events" section

490 € for one event (Russian + English versions). Information block includes: Logo, link to the site of Event + one newsletter reporting preparation to the event + one newsletter reporting results of the even (Various ways of presentation of your information are discussible).

Paid Press Release Publication Service

All companies Advertisers of "Maritime Market" magazine
Price 599 € per year or 399 € per 6 months Free of charge
Period One year/6 months One year for companies with one year's contracts and 3 months after issue of the given magazine for other advertisers
Amount Up to 26 Press Releases
Description Regular publications at (one of the largest maritime Internet platform in Russia) and short publication in Russian (up to 200 characters) in "Maritime Market" magazine. One year's subscription to "Maritime Market" for free. Regular publications at

Additional service - Russian translation of Press Release: 15 € per page.

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  • M3 - 560 €/month
  • M4 - 470 €/month

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