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ScanMarine Group of Sweden AB/Öresundsvarvet AB

Aдрес: Bäringe 1B, Annexet, S-241 95 Billinge, Sweden
Телефон: +46 413 544 000
Факс: +46 413 544 110
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Руководитель фирмы:
N O Krister Andersson(ScanMarine), Jonas Hansson(Öresundsvarvet)

Последнее обновление: 01.08.2007

Основные виды деятельности:

ScanMarine стремится быть самым решительным и самым конкурентоспособным подрядчиком "под ключ" в морской судостроительной отрасли в Европе.


List of Products and Services

ScanMarine/Öresundsvarvet helps you with:
*** Outfitting of all types of vessels and offshore within accommodation areas, as:
1. Steelworks
2. Insulation works
3. Piping works
4. Ventilation works
5. Electrical works
6. Interior works
Including planning, drawings, material and installation as well as:

*** Quotations and specifications
*** Comparison and negotiations
*** New building and maintenance planning
*** Supervision of schedule, budget and standards
*** Co-ordination as yard’s rep between owner/contractors/suppliers

ScanMarine builds on experience as:
*** Master Mariner and Economy Eng. M. Sc.
*** Project management on various World wide shipyards
*** Specialized in all types of vessels and offshore

ScanMarine saves you:
*** Time, due to accurate scheduling
*** Money, due to solicitous negotiations
*** Trouble, due to attentive supervision
*** Resources, due to defined targets and tracking
*** Claims, due to methodically created “Order to Commence” system

ScanMarine´s special managers achieve real targets in time, on budget and up to required standard. Protect your enterprise with professional and loyal management from Sweden.
Contact our chairman Krister Andersson. (Email krister.andersson@scanmarine.se, Tel +46 413 544 000, Fax +46 413 544 110) Choose us as your representative on site!
ScanMarine is by DNV certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996

ScanMarine has been successfully involved in more or less the most types of vessels please ask for reference list.

On multi-disciplinary projects ScanMarine will adopt whatever role best suits the circumstances, either as specialists, subcontractor, joint member of a consortium or as projectleader/planner on turnkey basis.

In each of these roles ScanMarine offers complementary services to bring a more comprehensive range of experience and disciplines to the project.

During our performance abroad for completion of different shipbuilding projects our company gained lots of interesting contacts with yards, factories and suppliers of interior specific equipment which prevents us from inventing the wheel again.

ScanMarine has been working with several shipowners and shipyards in collaboration with other architects, consulting engineers and planners in lots of turnkey projects.

The main advantages of the ScanMarine ”Turn-key” solution are:

• All drawings and material specifications from one supplier.
• All material from one supplier.
• Complete installation from one supplier.
• Optimal price level, because one and the same team from the beginning until final approved installation.
• Less co-ordination and engineering power for the shipyard.
• Fast decisions between ScanMarine - yard - shipowner.
• Short delivery time.
• Short installation time.
• Guaranteed final result to the shipowners request and approval.


Öresundsvarvet is strategically located in southern Scandinavia- in Landskrona on the coast of the Straits of Öresund, approximately 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen and next to the busy shipping lanes to and from the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. Öresundsvarvet has a well-established reputation for quality based on solid expertise and a long experience of the shipyard industry, with its main focus on repair and maintenance of Baltic Sea and North Sea tonnage.

Öresundsvarvet AB, Box 701, SE-261 27 Landskrona, Sweden,

Telephone +46 (0)418 565 80, telefax +46 (0)418 565 89

Telephone (outside office hours)

+46 (0)70 565 80 68, +46 (0)70 565 80 15

+46 (0)70 565 80 97, +46 (0)73 765 65 01

E-mail: info@oresundsvarvet.se

Web: www.oresundsvarvet.se

Партнеры, контракты и выполненные заказы:

Please see www.scanmarine.se

По вопросам размещение пресс-релизов и рекламы обращайтесь по тел.: +7 (812) 336-31-30, e-mail: info@setcorp.ru

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