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Russian Federation

Address: Moscow, Russia
Phone: (495) 950-54-82
Fax: (495) 950-54-82
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Last modified: 2009-03-25

Advertiser of Maritime Market magazine in issues: 2, 3

Main activities:

For 10 years organizations that have belonged to the conglomerate "Rusconsult" have been providing complex business guidance for local and foreign companies throughout the Russian market.

Among our clients, there are not only Russian businessmen but also companies with foreign capital.

We render assistance to those foreign investors who wish to establish a new business in Russia. We provide our clients with law, managing, and financial consulting.

Our technologies and consulting methods, as well as our professional values are based on taking into consideration the Russian specificity, the history of Russian economic development, and the Russian mentality. We realize that it is rather hard for foreign businessmen to orientate themselves in the current situation of Russian uncertainty and in the constantly changing legislation and peculiarities of Russian culture. That is why we are hereby suggesting you to choose our company for selecting a partner that you can entrust with all the most difficult tasks.

We offer individual consulting to legal entities and real persons, as well as complex service - from the registration of the company to the full guidance of commercial activity, including separate business projects.

Since the foundation of our company, we have successfully realized some major projects, including works on general, tax, and investing audit, recovering, and establishing the accounting, financial analysis, legal backing of organizations, and introduction of managerial technologies that allow our clients to attain the prospective economic outcome.

Generally, we specialize in the complex guidance of the financial and economic activities of companies. Thanks to our extensive experience and highly-skilled specialists we have an opportunity to provide companies with legal support and can ensure the effective management of those companies that represent various spheres of commercial activity.

Organizational supervision of the projects is realized by experts in various fields: law, financial analysis, contingency plan administration, development of new technologies in the sphere of staff relations (teaching, hire system, rotation, reputation, preparing a workplace, remuneration of labor, and regulating its reproduction at the plant).

Our clients include more than 300 companies of various procedural and institutional forms.

In our arsenal we have extensive experience in the complex guidance of the commercial activity of companies. We provide for the successful entrance onto the market for Europe's largest manufacturer of accessories and other tools for animal care "Vassari Holding" NV (Farplast trademark), trade-manufacturing association "Amtel" (juice and alcoholic drinks manufacturer), "Drill Tech Rus" Ltd. (affiliated undertaking of Closed Joint Stock Company Lukoil-Neftegazstoy"), large holding of Moscow security companies, and the conglomerate "Angel".

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