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Mark van Schaick BV

Aдрес: Niewe Waterwegstraat 7, 3115 HE Schiedam, The Netherlands, Harbour no. 535 (Port of Rotterdam)
Телефон: +31 - 10 - 409 05 99
Факс: +31 - 10 - 409 05 90
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Последнее обновление: 27.05.2017

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Основные виды деятельности:

Since 1988 Mark van Schaick has been active in the repair trained where he has developed into the specialist that he now is.

In the year 2000 he took the step to start a business of his own and he established Mark van Schaick B.V. Mark van Schaick B.V. carries out repairs on among other things, crankshafts, connecting rods, engine blocks, bearings, pistons, piston rods, industrial "rotating equipment" such as turbine axles, pump axles, rotor axles of electric motors, whitemetal bearings, etc.

The crew of Mark van Schaick Marine Services is a group of enthousiastic and skilled employees with an extended and, in some cases, unique machinepark at hand. We have crankshaft lathes that can grind shafts up to 12 meters long and weighing 30 tonnes.

Mark van Schaick Marine Services has a worldwide reputation, know-how and service focussed on the client, in the area of repair of machineparts. This brings us orders from all over the world.

We provide services for among others:

•Shipowners from all over the world
•Manufacturers and importers of diesel engines
•Dealers of machine spare parts
•Petrochemical industry
•Manufacturers of steam and gas turbines, importing and repairing
•Manufacturers of crankshafts

Our work is subject to inspection of the most renowned inspection agencies and classification societies such as Lloyds Register of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, Det Norske Veritas, RINA, NKK and others.

По вопросам размещение пресс-релизов и рекламы обращайтесь по тел.: +7 (812) 336-31-30, e-mail: info@setcorp.ru

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