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North West Service Ltd.
Russian Federation

Address: Office 13, 19 Tawricheskaya Str., St. Petersburg, 191015, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 275 7832
Fax: +7 (812) 320 0146
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Last modified: 2007-03-21

Main activities:


BUHLMANN (Germany) pipes and fittings in carbon steel and stainless steel

DENO (the Netherlands) - air compressors, air receivers, air dryers, N2 generators

DESMI (Denmark) centrifugal, gear pumps, hand pimps, pumps with diese

DVZ-Services (Germany) oily water separators acc. to IMO MEPC 107 (49), 5 ppm filters, biological sewage treatment plants

EUCARO Buntmetall (Germany) pipes and fittings in CuNi alloys and stainless steel

GEFICO (Spain) Aquamar fresh water makers type AQ (evaporators), reverse osmosis systems type AQE

HAMANN AG (Germany) sewage water treatment plants, reverse osmosis systems, UV-sterilizers, remineralizers, ballast water treatment systems, exhaust gas filters

JETS (Norway) - vacuum sanitary systems and toilets
LAN (Spain) side scuttles and windows, window wipers

TEAMTEC (Norway) incinerators, ejectors, windows A-60

WILHELM SANDER (Germany) remote-controlled and hand fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic control systems

North West Service carries out warranty, service and commissioning works.

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