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Ladoga-Service Ltd, Company
Russian Federation

Address: 1/1, Petrovskaya Kosa, office 38-42, Saint-Petersburg, 197110, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 230-98-71, 230-98-72, 230-98-82
Fax: +7 (812) 230-98-97
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Last modified: 2006-04-06

Main activities:

The main activity directions of the company are:

Deliveries of the ship equipment, technical supply and spare parts, including:
Х units (cylinders blocks, foundation frames, cranked shafts, etc.) and spare parts to ship engines;
Х ship electric equipment, technical stores, monitoring instruments and automated mechanisms;
Х spare parts for ship boilers and compressors;
Х ship thermometers, manometers and tachometers;
Х filter elements for fuel and oil, technical rubber products, etc.

Х double-circuit fuel pipe for ship engines:
Х systems for detection and gathering of leakings from fuel pipe with fire-prevention protection;
Х shaft of water pumps of an internal and external contour;
Х copper linings for ship engines;
Х impellers wheels, piston pins, rod bolt nuts;
Х electrodes for boiler KOAV-200;

The company has the manufacturing-technological base on which it is made:
Х repair of ship engines and auxiliary mechanisms;
Х manufacturing of details, spare parts and units of the equipment from various marks of steel and alloys;
Х major overhaul of compressors NVD (S) 48 (A; јU; ј2U; ј3U); NVD-36јU;
Х turning -milling, grinding and gear-cutting works;
Х hardening, annealing and sandblasting.

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