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Zlatoust Weapons Company Ltd. (ZOK)
Russian Federation

Address: 456206, Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Zlatoust, ul. Anosova, 177
Phone: +7 (3513) 62-22-44, 62-11-44, 62-08-44, 62-27-70
Fax: +7 (3513) 62-22-44, 62-11-44, 62-08-44, 62-27-70
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Head of the company:
Alexander I. Sonich, Director

Last modified: 2007-04-12

Main activities:

ZOK Zlatoust Weapons Company Ltd (OOO Zlatoustovskaya Oruzhejnaya Kompaniya) was established in May, 2001, in Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region. The company is one of the fastest-growing in the town. The produce made by our masters are permanently in popular demand, production grows and provides new jobs. Along with experienced masters the factory attracts many young people. At present moment ZOK employs 200 people.

Year by year the company produces high artistic weapons. Today ZOK honorably upholds the best traditions of the prominent Zlatoust armourers. In addition to the unique cold steel, ZOK workshops put out wine and cognac sets, cups, prizes, decorative souvenirs, pictures, home utensils such as: caskets, small chests, salvers, candlesticks, hunting and tourist knives and hatchets. Every item is hand-made that make it exclusive and unique. Steel tones coupled with pure gold and nickel make the articles look noble and distinctive. Most pieces are made according to customized designs after customers wishes. The production of Zlatoust Weapons Company Ltd is not only work of art, but are also absolutely adequate to use. Every piece carries the trade mark: logotype of the company in the form of outstanding winged steed, abbreviation ZOK.

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