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Morintech Ltd.
Russian Federation

Address: 27, block 1, Morskaya nab., 199155 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 812 325 4048
Fax: +7 812 325 4048
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Head of the company:
Andrey V. Sabajdash

Last modified: 2006-09-20

Advertiser of Maritime Market magazine in issues: 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Main activities:

- Electronic Navigational Chart Production;
- Digital charts publishing systems;
- Electronic navigational chart systems (ECS/ECDIS);
- Hydrography and electronic cartography;
- Dispatcher information systems;
- Provision of electronic and paper charts and nautical publications;
- Internet technologies: electronic chart`s on the WEB and ship`s monitoring;
- Sperry Marine navigational equipment distribution.


dKart Office, dKart Navigator, dKart Inspector, dKart Hydrographer, dKart Explorer, dKart Fishing Professional, dKart Catalogue, dKart Ship Tracer, dKart AIS WS.


- Electronic Cartographic Service;
- Automatic Charts Updating Service;
- Information service and support;
- E-mail delivery of weather report and ice conditions; Maintenance of ship`s hardware and office equipment, diagnostics of hardware and software.

Partners, contracts and works completed:

Partners: —-ћј– group; Hydro Service, Sperry Marine, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.
Contacts: British Admirality, Estonian HO, Latvian HO, Italian Navy, Italian HO, Greece Navy, Greece HO, Ukrainian HO, Latvian Shipping Company, Volgotanker, FOR, Polluks Ltd..

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