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Marinfloc AB

Address: Industrivagen 10 47295 Varekil Sweden
Phone: +46304606300
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Last modified: 2011-08-17

Main activities:

Marinfloc AB is, together with its associated company, Marin Miljöteknik AB, one of the leading companies in the world designing and selling effective Bilge -oily and wastewater treatment products for the marine-, naval- and offshore industries.

The strength of Marinfloc AB is our long experience in marine engineering. For many years we worked with traditional cleaning methods, which do not function satisfactorily and are very time consuming. An engineer's duty is first and foremost to be responsible for maintaining operations, where the main focus is on the propulsion machinery and its auxiliary equipment. With today's demands for efficiency and economy there is "no time to waste" and nowadays there are greater requirements than ever for technology that really works along these lines. Our dissatisfaction with the present situation pushed us to develop a revolutionary cleaning technique under the name of Marinfloc.

We have taken note of the requirements for improved cleaning techniques that have been put forward, both from environmental and economical points of view and our field of interest is solely wastewater. We have taken the liberty to specialize in this area in order to protect the environment, while at the same time giving the marine sector an economically viable solution for the handling of wastewater, which can be very costly with the outdated technology today, or rather yesterdays. Our products have been developed onboard ships during many years and now we venture to say that we have come up with the solution, which consists of two key elements: One is flocculation and the other the knowledge of how this is done. We deliver both the equipment and the know-how.

The flocculation technique is perhaps not revolutionary as the principle is well-known and has been used for a long time on land based treatment plants. Using heat treatment, gravimetric separation and the flocculation technique, we have created a system adapted for marine use. This means cramped conditions in combination with the movement of the Sea. This assumes that our equipment can be delivered either as a turnkey skid or as a tailor-made solution. We undertake both reconstructions and new installations.

The objective of Marinfloc AB is to install our products on ships, off shore units and also in ports, shipyards etc. on a worldwide basis. We have just started! We can supply you with wastewater treatment systems that actually work, are economically sound and protect the environment.

Our mission is clear - a clean sea!

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