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Power engineering unit for Kolskaya PES (Floating power plant)

It was agreed to build floating power generating unit for Kolskaya PES on Sevmah.

Head of OAO NIIES Yulij Shpolyansky and Sevmash Deputy Director General for marine engineering and civil shipbuilding Valery Borodin met last week. The main subject of negotiations was building floating power engineering unit for Kolskaya floating power plant.

In 2006 under order of Infeokomenergostroy Ltd Sevmash built floating power generating unit for Kislogubskaya PES. It is the first step which can again establish what is called floating engineering, - noticed chairman of RAO ES Rossii Anatoly Chubajs. If this work is success, it will mean that the whole engineering branch in Russia will get development impulse which does not exist in our country and in the world. Testing of power generating unit gave good results Turbine efficiency exceeded theoretical one.

Hydraulic unit for Solovetskaya hydroelectric power station was keel-laid in May. With the beginning of navigation we plan to forward structure to the Solovetsky Islands, - says commissioning manager Sergey Dushichev. We think that this year Solovetskaya hydroelectric power station will be launched for the first time. Customer learnt work progress and was satisfied with it.

Actually Sevmash mastered industrial production of floating power generating units. The following step is building power generating unit for Kolskaya PES. We plan that its dimensions will exceed the previous unit. Detail designing will be made by Sevmash CDB. Designing shall complete this year, working drawings are planned to be issued within 2009, and ready structure shall be put on operating place in 2010.


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JSC «PO «Sevmash» (incorporated into the JSC “United Shipbuilding Corporation”) is the largest ship-building complex in Russia, the only shipyard of the country, the main task of which is atomic submarines building for Navy. The enterprise, occupying the area of more than 300 hectares, includes in its structure more than 100 subdivisions. More than 25,000 people work on the basic enterprise of Severodvinsk.

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