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Lloyds Register Educational Trust becomes a HELMEPA Junior volunteer!

October 13, 2008 - This year, which marks the 15th anniversary of HELMEPA Junior, the Program is glad to welcome within its ranks a great volunteer: the Lloyds Register Educational Trust (LRET), an independent charity based in the UK.

The LRET participates in HELMEPA Junior offering its financial support to the Program over the next three years. Therefore, aiming at the strengthening and expansion of the Program, HELMEPA Junior will receive an additional one thousand children annually as members. Moreover, the Programs Action Plan has been enriched with new research activities and experiments that open a window of knowledge to scientific fields such as biology, geology, zoology, astronomy and physics.

Besides activities relating to environmental protection, HELMEPA Junior members will have the opportunity to become young scientists and discover:

how penguins reunite with their families in large and loud rookeries;
what is the greenhouse effect;
why there is life on Earth and not on other planets of our solar system;
how river estuaries are sandy beaches are formed;
how we detect whether the sea is clean or polluted;
how icebergs are formed at sea.

From the 2009-2010 school season, a maritime component will be incorporated in the Program introducing young children to the world of shipping, while children above the age of 13 will become, if they want, HELMEPA Cadets. This category will comprise former members of HELMEPA Junior who wish to continue their environmental awareness activities, as well as other children who besides environmental protection wish to also learn more about shipping.

Young schoolchildren and teachers who want more information on the new Action Plan or wish to participate in the Program may contact

the Environmental Awareness Sector HELMEPA Junior
tel: 210-9343088,

The Lloyds Register Educational Trust (LRET) , an independent charity wholly funded by the Lloyds Register Group, was established in October 2004. Its principal purpose is to support advances in transportation, science, engineering and technology education, training and research worldwide for the benefit of all. It also funds work that enhances the safety of life and property at sea, on land and in the air. The LRET focuses on four categories:

pre-university education: through appropriate organisations, promotes careers in science, engineering and technology to young people, their parents and teachers
university education: through universities and colleges, provides undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships and awards at first degree/masters levels to students of proven ability
vocational training and professional development: supports professional institutions, educational and training establishments working with people of all ages.
research: funds existing or new centres of excellence at institutes and universities.

For more information contact
Michael Franklin, Director
tel: +44 (0)20 7709 9166


Please see HELMEPA (Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association) company electronic office

Costas Triantafillou, Project Manager
(+30) 210 934 3088

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