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The second platform has been commissioned

October 8, 2008 - Offshore platform MOSS CS-50 left OAO PO Sevmash water areas.

On the 7th of October Magnus took in tow platform near Nikolsky buoy in the White Sea. After passing customs supervision at Arkhangelsk port MOSS CS-50 is going to Great Britain shores.

It is already the second platform of such kind built at Sevmash by Moss Mosvold Platforms AS (Norway) request. On the 23rd of September object was transferred to the customer. The first platform was sent abroad last autumn.

Today we carry on negotiations on the third and next platforms. We hope to receive orders also from Russian companies, said OAO PO Sevmash Director General Nikolay Kalistratov.

Automated design system was implemented, complex welds manufacturing procedures, large sections mounting procedures were developed to build MOSS CS-50. Such engineering solutions allowed completing platform pontoons with equipment, as well as assembling the whole structure afloat within 3.5 months. It is an optimal period for carrying out such operation at Russian shipyards.

We are sure that Sevmash can build not only platforms with free deck but also complete drilling platforms, noticed Norwegian president of Moss Maritime AS Per Herbert Christensen.

Offshore platform MOSS CS-50 refers to the 6th generation of semi-submerged platforms. Dimensions: 118×70×40 meters, weight 15 thousand tons. Platform is universal, built with free deck, where any equipment can be placed.

- Platforms leave Sevmash


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JSC «PO «Sevmash» (incorporated into the JSC “United Shipbuilding Corporation”) is the largest ship-building complex in Russia, the only shipyard of the country, the main task of which is atomic submarines building for Navy. The enterprise, occupying the area of more than 300 hectares, includes in its structure more than 100 subdivisions. More than 25,000 people work on the basic enterprise of Severodvinsk.

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