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MacGREGOR Hydramarine innovations keep offshore crew and hazards apart on deck

The MacGREGOR Group's Offshore division - part of Cargotec Corporation - has received orders for four remotely-controlled deck handling manipulator systems (DHMS) for two 2007-built Island Offshore anchor-handling tug/supply (AHTS) vessels, Island Valiant and Island Vanguard. The vessels were built by Aker Yard's Langsten facility and each feature two MacGREGOR Hydramarine cargo rail cranes, to which the new DHMS systems will be retrofitted in February 2009.

MacGREGOR Hydramarine's facility in Kristiansand, Norway, is currently producing a number of cargo rail cranes (CRV) for various AHTS vessels and other production support craft. "We believe that the addition of various remote-controlled technologies, such as the deck handling manipulator system (DHMS), is an added benefit to the already powerful, accurate and reliable CRV crane," says Øystein Bondevik, director of sales for MacGREGOR Hydramarine.

Two key advantages of the unique DHMS system are that it allows for the crane's standard winch functions to remain fully operational and it also provides a new gripper system capability. Consequently, no re-rigging is required for alternating between gripper and winch operations. 

As the DHMS mechanism is remotely operated, it has the additional benefit of being fully controlled from the crane's portable panel, so the necessity for heavy manual operations on the aft deck is substantially decreased.

"The DHMS is designed to minimise exposure to the hazardous working environment on the aft deck," Mr Bondevik says. "By removing personnel from dangerous working areas, crane solutions such as these make a significant contribution to overall safety particularly for the crew during anchor-handling operations at rigs and platforms while battling rough seas and harsh weather conditions.

"DHMS is available both as optional equipment for new cranes, and as an upgrade alternative for existing ones. Undoubtedly, DHMS is a revolutionary device that will complement current advanced load handling systems for any offshore AHTS and other production support vessels."


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Mr Øystein Bondevik, director, sales, MacGREGOR Hydramarine AS

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