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Nuclear fleet celebrates half a century

50 years ago, on the 17th of December 1958, the first nuclear submarine K-3 was given to USSR Naval Forces (from 1962 «Leninsky komsomol»).

    A.P. Alexandrov was Project research manager, N.A. Dollezhal was chief designer of nuclear unit, V.N.Peregudov was submarine chief designer. Program of building the first nuclear submarine became national task and 135 enterprises and organizations took part in it.
Pilot submarine of 627 project with nuclear power unit was keel laid on plant No.402 (PO «Sevmash») on the 24th of September 1955. Under the leadership of enterprise director E.P. Egorov and main engineer V.I. Dubovichenko closed production (shop 42) was arranged on the basis of unfinished tower equipment shop.

    Regardless the fact that one had to master new steel and new types of welding, by the end of 1955 hull underwent hydraulic testing, which confirmed structure strength and high quality of works.

    On the 9th of August 1957 submarine was launched and complex mooring trials began. Reactors were started on the 14th of September 1957. On the 4th of July 1958 ship was put to sea under the leadership of captain L.G. Osipenko. Being aboard A.P. Alexandrov made historical record in log book: «It is the first time when steam is supplied to turbine without coal and mazut».

    On the 17th of December 1958 governmental committee signed ship acceptance act. The first soviet nuclear submarine with tactical number  -3, and later name «Leninsky komsomol» was taken in Naval Forces for pilot operation. On the 12th of March 1959 it was included in Northern Fleet (at present time nuclear submarine is withdrawn from Naval Forces and is being re-equipped in museum at «Nerpa» in Murmansk region).

    PO «Sevmash» was awarded with the order of Lenin for building this submarine and Director E.P. Egorov, chief designer V.N. Peregudov, fitter D.N. Frolov were given ranks of Heroes of Socialistic Labour, main engineer V.I. Vashantsev, head of shop 42 P.V. Gololobov. Commissioning manager N.N. Dovgan were awarded with Lenin prizes and 410 workers were given medals and orders.

    Nuclear submarine building defined the profile of the greatest shipyard. Within 50 years PO «Sevmash» shipbuilders gave Naval Forces 128 nuclear submarines. Today PO «Sevmash» is the only shipyard which builds nuclear submarines of the 4th generation for Russian Naval Forces.


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JSC «PO «Sevmash» (incorporated into the JSC “United Shipbuilding Corporation”) is the largest ship-building complex in Russia, the only shipyard of the country, the main task of which is atomic submarines building for Navy. The enterprise, occupying the area of more than 300 hectares, includes in its structure more than 100 subdivisions. More than 25,000 people work on the basic enterprise of Severodvinsk.

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