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Changes in the World of Maritime Diesel Engine Service

Chris-Marine AB and  IOP Marine A/S  are proud to inform that Chris-Marine AB has acquired IOP Marine A/S effective; January 1 2009

Chris-Marine provides high precision maintenance machines for diesel engines being used on vessels and in power plants. IOP-Marine provides fuel injector test equipment and hydraulic power packs. Both company's products and methods are to be used for low-speed and medium speed engines.

IOP Marine and Chris-Marine are two highly respected suppliers, standing for high quality products, well known brands and close customer relations.

Both companies are market leaders within their respective range of products. By combined efforts, we will be even more focused on product and method development, which will be of benefit for our customers worldwide.

Effective January 1, 2009 Chris-Marine Group has appointed Peter Lundgren as CEO

Having served in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Hong Kong for the last 20 years, Mr. Lundgren has an extensive international experience of global, capital investment business. With the experience from several different executive Management positions within companies like Alfa Laval and ABB, Mr. Lundgren is well suited to handle the challenge of expanding and optimizing the Group.

Peter Lundgren; "The opportunity to work with two such successful companies, in a very exciting market, poses the ultimate challenge. I feel proud, grateful and humble. Our ultimate goal is to utilize the combined strength to enhance customer satisfaction and further strengthen our market position."


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