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Wilhelmsen Ships Service at Nor-Shipping 2009

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Nor-Shipping 2009   

Wilhelmsen Ships Service lay-up services developed vessel preservation guidelines for customers

A big consideration when laying up vessels for shorter or longer periods is to determine the correct level of preventive maintenance. The ship owner will want to protect his on board systems from deterioration during the lay-up period, so that the vessel can quickly and economically return to service when the lay up period is over.

Wilhelmsen Ships Services' lay-up services comprise an extensive product and service offer. As part of its lay-up services, Wilhelmsen Ships Service has packaged its market leading Unitor marine chemicals to ensure the best preservation for its customers' vessels.

The package includes products for the engine room, seawater and drinking water systems, boilers, cargo hold and void spaces, black and grey water systems and general maintenance.

The engine room
Many types of contaminants are found on the water side of an onboard system. This includes hard scale, oil, metallic oxides, sludge and various combinations of these.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service offers specialist chemical cleaners to degrease diesel engine cooling water systems, degrease and clean heavily soiled parts, inhibit rust, prevent microbiological activity in the cooling water system and in the fuel tanks and inhibit polymerisation and sludge formation in the fuel tanks.

Seawater and drinking water systems
Water quality is crucial on board a vessel. Wilhelmsen Ships Service's potable water stabiliser effectively and economically controls scale and corrosion. Special products are also offered to prevent seawater cooling systems from becoming fouled by mussels, barnacles, algae and other forms of life. Another specialised product secures painted steel surfaces against corrosion by mechanically removing rust and loose paint. Treatment continues with rust stain, oil and grease remover to ensure paint adhesion.

Boilers corrode when not in use. Wilhelmsen Ships Service offers complete solutions for wet lay-ups and dry lay-ups. Contaminations of soot and stubborn carbon deposits are taken care of quickly and economically with Wilhelmsen Ships Service's range of specialist boiler cleaners.

Cargo holds and void spaces
Cargo stains left after discharging should be removed to avoid future cleaning problems and preventing cargo from absorbing moisture that can cause corrosion. Gas-freeing involves the complete removal of cargo vapours from the tank and replace with fresh air. Gas freeing also includes the removal of cargo residues that can generate harmful vapours. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has the products needed to get the job done.

Black and grey water systems
Liquids and solids in black and grey water systems should be removed from pipes, vacuum generators and holding tanks prior to laying up a ship. If not treated, these liquids and solids will harden and generate a potential problem when the system is reactivated.

General maintenance
Prior to vessel lay up, it is important to clean any sludge, dirt or grease from filter elements, nozzles, inlet and exhaust valves. This will protect surfaces against corrosion and prepare for painting, if applicable.

Wilhelmsen Ships Services' vessel preservation guidelines handbook
A handbook with comprehensive vessel preservation guidelines has been developed and is available for Wilhelmsen Ships Service customers.

The environment
Wilhelmsen Ships Service's chemicals do not pose a threat to personal health or the environment. The company appreciates that the client wants efficient, high quality chemicals of a uniform standard. The development of advanced chemical formulations has led to more effective products. These chemicals together with the correct application equipment are lesshazardous to humans and the environment. The environmental adopted product range covers cleaning, maintenance and water treatments for use on board your ship.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service moves towards environmental sustainability

The world's leading maritime services network, Wilhelmsen Ships Services has announced an initiative for achieving a goal of producing environmentally sustainable chemicals.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has long paid close attention to conserving the world's natural resources but the new initiative will create a framework which will address the aim of continuously increasing the effectiveness of the company's chemicals. At the same time safety and environmental impact is improved, to ultimately deliver complete sustainablesolutions.

Wilhelmsen Ships Services is the market leader of marine chemicals, and the company supplies its own Unitor branded chemicals to the world's shipping fleets for a range of needs. These include engine room, water systems, boilers, cargo hold and void spaces, black and grey water systems and general maintenance.

Sustainability is not limited to the chemicals themselves but incorporates the whole production process. "It is about the way we work with our business and our interactions with others" explains Morten Solstad, Business Manager, Chemicals, Wilhelmsen Ships Service.

"This means that we must monitor everything from the production and distribution to the onboard use. This ensures that we have sustainable solutions for the benefit of both our customer and the environment."

He adds "Our customers need to know that our chemicals do not pose a threat to health and the environment when used correctly. However, they also want chemicals that work - they should do the job they are designed for, efficiently and thoroughly."

The company framework encompasses a ‘from start to finish' approach, monitoring suppliers, controlling the production, sales and distribution process.

These processes will reduce waste, transport volumes, hazardous substances and recycling materials. At the same time Wilhelmsen Ships Service provides the customer with complete operational efficiency.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service's chemical production is certified to ISO 9001 quality standards, and they were the first supplier of marine chemicals in the world with ISO 14001 certification for all waste management. The company's chemicals met the European REACH regulations even before these regulations came into force.

Financial strength of Wilhelmsen Ships Service underpins pre-funding reliability

Wilhelmsen Ships Service, the world's leading maritime services network, is proving to be a secure option for ship operators and managers who are commissioning their ships agency services requirements with the company.

In uncertain financial climates, reducing the financial exposure is top priority for most companies. For companies in the shipping industry, the cost of a port call easily amounts to tens of thousands of dollars. The estimated port call cost is normally remitted as pre-funding to the ships agent, who in turn pays the various suppliers on the customer's behalf once invoices are received.

Many ships agency companies are highly exposed to the financial risks involved in a recession period. Not only is the income reduced due to lower volumes, but they may also face serious liquidity problems if any of their customers go out of business, as the agent is then liable for supplier claims. Working with a ships agent with liquidity problems can have severe consequences for customers who have pre-funded future or on-going port calls with the same agent, as the entire pre-funding amount may be lost.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service's global size - the company handles over 53, 000 port calls per year in 115 countries - enables the company to provide a level of financial reliability and operational efficiency that customers can take advantage of in more than 2200 ports. The company is part of the Wilh. Wilhelmsen group, founded in 1861, with a sound reputation in the shipping industry.

Through its size and longevity the company has built a reputation for trust which is attracting the world's ship operators and managers who believe that their investment is reliable, and their interests secured.

Visit Wilhelmsen Ships Service on Stand No. E02-07 at  Nor-Shipping 2009  


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Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) is part of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen group company. It has the world’s largest maritime services network, with 4,500 marine professionals servicing 2,200 ports in 125 countries.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies safety products and services, Unitor products, Unicool refrigerants, Unitor and Nalfleet marine chemicals, maritime logistics and ships agency to the maritime industry. Last year the company made product deliveries to 25,000 vessels and handled 70, 000 port calls.

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