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Two centres Ц Teci Rus and Teci Istanbul Ц have opened in Russia and Turkey

The Severstal-metiz Group of Companies develops service and distribution in wire rope business

Oct. 2009 -
Following the strategy to become a leader in the world steel rope market, the Severstal-metiz Group and its subsidiary company in Italy, Redaelli Tecna, have implemented their first joint projects on development of a network of service centres. The two new retail outlets selling wire ropes and providing service to customers are situated in two key markets for the Group - Russia and the Mediterranean.

These service centres are an extension of the Teci service and distribution chain - a specialised division of Redaelli, which has been providing clients with products and service for more than 100 years.

"The century-long experience of our Italian colleagues in promotion of wire ropes and associated accessories and service is significant for the whole Group. Teci is a strong trade brand in Europe, we will extend its advantages and values into these new markets as it was planned after the acquisition of Redaelli", comments Oleg Veter, the Head of the Severstal-metiz Group of Companies.

Teci Istanbul* is a joint venture of Redaelli and Turkish company WSSP Makina Ticaret A.S. - a leader in crane equipment service. The main competitive advantage of the centre is providing service to customers in the location of rope consumption - in ports of the Mediterranean coast - a dynamic region with growing freight turnover.

Commenting on the opening of the division in Istanbul, Francesco Asnao, Director of Teci and also Director of the new branch in Turkey, remarked: "We are confident about our choice of partner and location for the new business. The unique location of Turkey and particularly Istanbul both on the sea route from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean and also the land route from South-East Europe to Asia benefits those who conduct business in this area. The Turkish market is the third largest in the Mediterranean after Italy and Spain. Marine infrastructure plays a crucial role in the development of this region and servicing our wire rope customers directly at the sea ports gives a competitive advantage to the Teci Turkish centre compared to our rivals. It will help to strengthen client relationships and opens up opportunities for the extension of the wire rope business of the Severstal-metiz group as a whole."

Teci Rus has been set up to mirror the Italian service centres and it will be the first Teci outlet in Russia which offers the customers, using hoisting equipment, a wide assortment of ropes made by the Severstal-metiz Group, adapted to the application environment and conditions and completely ready for use. The company will offer the same services as the Italian business: cut-to-length on-demand, ends termination (by swaging, splicing, fusing and tapering) and complete rope assembly with steel fittings.

*Severstal-metiz (via Redaelli) holds 25 per cent shares of stock in Teci Istanbul with an option to buy another 25 per cent of the business during two years.

Teci is a distribution chain in Italy, founded in 1905. Teci specialises in sales and service of ropes, sales of hoisting machines and other associated goods. It includes 9 centres in Italy, one in Turkey (Istanbul) and one in Russia (Cherepovets).

Redaelli Tecna S.p.A. - the Italian company is one of the world market leaders in speciality wire ropes. Market sectors include offshore, mining, civil-engineering structures, electrical power engineering, etc. Redaelli focuses on the production of high-tech speciality wire ropes (ropes with compacted strands, organic filled ropes, locked coil wire ropes) for offshore drilling platforms, lifting engineering, stadiums, cable-stayed bridges, cableways. It has a distribution chain (Teci) and a technical engineering business (Tensoteci). In 2008 the company produced 15.000 tonnes of ropes and reported revenue of € 108 million. Redaelli was incorporated into the Severstal-metiz Group on July 31, 2008.

The WSSP Makina Ticaret A.S. Company is a front runner in crane equipment services in Turkish ports. It is part of MLS Holding - a leading Turkish private business group, holding and managing petrochemical and engineering assets, hotel business in Turkey and abroad. It has been a partner of Redaelli since 2005.


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Severstal-metiz is a group of companies which unites the  metalware assets of the Severstal company. It is among the Top-5 European producers of wire and wire products in its segment. Production sites are  located in Russia, Ukraine and Europe. Major customers are in construction, oil and gas, automotive, metallurgy and engineering.

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