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Redaelli launches World's largest speciality wire rope production facility in Italy

Dec. 1, 2009 - Redaelli, the leading Italian tensostructures engineering company and speciality wire ropes manufacturer, with over 200 years of experience, announces the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Trieste which will produce the largest wire ropes in the world. The new facility will give Redaelli maximum flexibility to exploit its technological leadership in the provision of innovative products to meet the changing demands of the market.

The new facility will produce Flexpack compacted non-rotating steel wire ropes, the industry standard for the most demanding high load, high resistance to axial and transverse pressure applications. The facility will have the capacity to produce cables that weigh over 550 tonnes and are 175 mm in diameter, the largest ever manufactured: the current rope weight record will be exceeded by more than 200 tonnes.

These ropes are used across many sectors in which high performance and reliability are essential, such as offshore oil & gas exploration and production. Redaelli's new wire ropes have a higher tensile strength ensuring that the platform remains in position on the extraction site as long as possible and in extreme conditions, such as hurricane or glacial storm. With the launch of such a unique product, Redaelli intends to build upon its market leading position in these sectors. The new production line will employ 25 people.

The investment of more than Euro 12 million in the facility has been made possible through the financial and operational support of Severstal-metiz, Redaelli's parent company, as part of its strategy to become the global leader in the supply of steel ropes. 

The Trieste is an excellent location for the facility, offering a strong base of relevant, high technology skills and a sophisticated logistics infrastructure capable of handling cargo for international exports.

Maurizio Prete, Managing Director of Redaelli, said "The commissioning of this facility is excellent news for both the City of Trieste and Redaelli as we seek to build upon the Company's strong reputation for innovation and customer service. We have built this reputation over many years without ever losing focus of our clients' needs and safety. As safety remains our number one priority anyone entering a cable car, crossing a bridge, or working under a crane can feel reassured that they are in safe hands."


Redaelli Tecna S.p.A. is a world market leader in speciality wire ropes. Market sectors include offshore, mining, cableways, civil-engineering structures, hoisting, electrical power and engineering. In 2008 the company produced 15,000 tonnes of ropes and its revenues was of 108 millions Euro. Maurizio Prete is the Managing Director of the company.


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Severstal-metiz is a group of companies which unites the  metalware assets of the Severstal company. It is among the Top-5 European producers of wire and wire products in its segment. Production sites are  located in Russia, Ukraine and Europe. Major customers are in construction, oil and gas, automotive, metallurgy and engineering.

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