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MMK Commissions Secondary Steel Treatment Complex to Complete Mill 5000 Technological Chain

Feb. 19, 2010 - Today MMK commissioned the Secondary Steel Treatment Complex at the Oxygen Converter Shop.

The state-of-the-art high-tech complex is a part of the technological process for production of highly competitive products, meeting international standards. In particular, the treated steel will be used for production of high quality pipe steel grades with strength characteristics up to X120. Commissioning of the complex will allow to cast crude steel at continuous slab casting machine #6 in the amount of 2 mln tons per annum for production of think plates at Plate Mill 5000.

The equipment supply contract for the Complex was signed with SMS MEVAC in July, 2007. The engineering of the project was carried out by OJSC "Magnitogorsk Gipromez". General contractors for the project were OJSC "Prokatmontazh", OJSC "Stroitelny Komplex", and OJSC "PO Montazhnik".

Commissioning of complex allow MMK to produce steel grades for high-quality pipes and automotive steel with carbon content to 0.003% and sulphur content up to 0.001%. Modern dust and gas suppression system, integrated into the Complex, will allow to decrease emissions at oxygen converter shop.


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