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Wilhelmsen Ships Service sets pace with regulations and environment initiatives

March 16, 2010 - Wilhelmsen Ships Service is poised to respond to new regulations and play a vital role in protecting the environment through effective and efficient solutions for its customers.

The company has led the way in responding to new legislation and environmental issues by offering a number of initiatives as part of the company's environmental and regulatory compliance efforts as well as the continual push toward environmentally sustainable products. Four of these are summarised below.

Phase out of R-22 Refrigerant

As part of its strong commitment to the environment, Wilhelmsen Ships Service is firmly focussed on legal trade with marine refrigerants. The company has a comprehensive knowledge of the global development of local regulations that supports the phase-out of HCFCs, and this technical expertise enables it to help its customers achieve and maintain the best solution.

It has been prohibited to charge refrigeration systems on EU-flagged vessels using virgin HCFCs (R-22) since 1 January 2010 and Wilhelmsen Ships Service is working closely with our customers to maximise awareness of the regulation, advising them of the company's change-over solution and implementing a phase-out plan as quickly as possible, within budget, to achieve compliance.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has, through its "Catch R-22" programme, become the leading supplier of R-22 changeover jobs onboard different types of ships. These jobs have been executed in dry-dock, or during voyages. R-22 alternatives, like Unicool R-417A have been carefully tested in marine applications. The company ensures global availability for its selected Unicool range, supplied in refillable cylinders.

On EU-flagged vessels it will still be legal to use reclaimed R-22 from an approved company within the EU to top up and service systems until 2015. However, the availability of reclaimed R-22 is very limited, so prices are rising and are expected to remain high for the foreseeable future.

Although this legislation (EC2037) only applies to EU-flagged vessels, other vessels will also be affected if they call at EU ports and request virgin R-22. Ships carrying flags from places that have not ratified the Montreal Protocol will not be able to legally obtain virgin R-22 from a vendor inside the European Union. This will violate the restrictions on trade laid down in the Montreal Protocol.

Pool and Spa Offer

First deliveries have just started of a new updated range of pool & spa chemicals and test equipment from Wilhelmsen Ships Service which is being welcomed by leading cruise companies. The company has carried a range of pool & spa products for many years and has recently been working closely with its cruise customer base to update this product range.

Ryan Bishop, Cruise Segment Manager of Wilhelmsen Ships Service explains "Compliance with the Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP) is an important part of fleet operations in the cruise industry and the primary objective of our pool & spa program is to assist our customers with meeting their obligations."

The new safer chemicals have been welcomed by clients which include the giant Carnival Corporation. The updated line of chemicals are also being supplied globally to the ships of Holland America Line and Princess Cruises.

Philip Bannerman, Regional Sales Director of Wilhelmsen Ships Service comments, "These contracts represent our first significant sales since we recently updated our range of pool & spa chemicals. Our Cruise specialists worked closely with our customers and our product specialists to develop the new range. This success certainly validates the new product range and Wilhelmsen Ships Service expects the offer to be taken up by other cruise operators."

The new chemicals are being delivered from various key stocking locations throughout Wilhelmsen Ships Service's global network.

Phosphate free chemicals

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has taken steps to ensure that its customers are aware of the regulations regarding use of chemicals containing phosphates. Since February 2009 regulations relating to the Clean Water Act have been tightened regarding the discharge of phosphates in US waters. Wilhelmsen Ships Service is making it clear to its customers which of its Unitor products contain phosphates and therefore should not be used for hull and deck cleaning or be discharged through the Gray Water in US waters.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has published a comprehensive guide which lists alternative products that can be used that will meet regulations. The guide also makes it clear what types of products should be used, for instance for a deck wash down and highlights the company's range of phosphate free cleaners that are available as alternatives. Guidance is also given on the permitted content of bilgewater discharge and boiler blowdown. "We are committed to keeping pace with regulations in order to ensure that responsible products are being used in our environmentally sensitive oceans" comments Ryan Bishop, "and our product development continuously aims to keep up with new regulation. Keeping the customer informed and acting as an advisor to the market is an important part of our company's service."

Other sustainable chemicals

Wilhelmsen Ships Services is working to a goal of delivering completely environmentally sustainable chemicals. The company has long been committed to conserving the world's natural resources and is working within a framework to address the aim of continuously increasing the effectiveness of the company's chemicals while improving the impact on safety and the environment at the same time.

Wilhelmsen Ships Services is the market leader of marine chemicals, and the company supplies its own Unitor branded chemicals to the world's cruise fleets for a range of needs. Sustainability is not limited to the chemicals themselves but incorporates the whole production process.

"It is about the way we work with our business and our interactions with others" explains Morten Solstad, Business Manager, Chemicals, Wilhelmsen Ships Service. "This means that we must monitor everything from the production and distribution to the on-board use. This ensures that we have sustainable solutions for the benefit of both our customer and the environment."

He adds "Our customers need to know that our chemicals do not pose a threat to health and the environment when used correctly. However, they also want chemicals that work - they should do the job they are designed for, efficiently and thoroughly."

The company framework encompasses a ‘from start to finish' approach, monitoring suppliers, controlling the production, sales and distribution process.

Picture: WSS personnel provide pool & spa service at cruise line pool side


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