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Ships Agency Re-Defined Service Agreement signed with K Line LNG Shipping

July 30, 2010 - Wilhelmsen Ships Service in the UK has secured a Service Agreement using its brand new "Ships Agency Re-Defined" initiative to provide husbandry services to K Line LNG Shipping (UK) Ltd, London.

The Agreement covers eight managed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carrying vessels and will cover port calls mainly in the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa, UAE and Korea.

‘Ships Agency Re-Defined' is a unique global network service which standardises pricing, service, administration and supply throughout the world, resulting in simplified multiple port calls for the customer. Wilhelmsen Ships Service's Global Agent in the UK, one of several located in different time zones around the world, will coordinate activities from the company's Dartford office. In line with the expectations of this new approach to ships agency, the contract is expected to reduce administrative and operational tasks for K Line and improve their efficiency.

"The customer benefits from access to our integrated operational system and business, by being able to follow the progress of port calls and view the electronic distribution accounts. In normal agency work this would take several months to finalise," explains Chris Simmons, Sales Manager for Southern UK at Wilhelmsen Ships Service. "Our ability to provide consolidated accounts streamlines the process, giving up-to-date data to the customer."

The agreement is valid for 24 months with an estimated total of 450 port calls in the period.

K Line LNG was quick to realise the benefits of this new Ships Agency Re-Defined offer. In addition to this agreement, the customer has also decided to make use of Wilhelmsen Ships Service's new Ships Spares Logistics offer. This is a unique service with a single point of contact for managing the delivery of spare parts from manufacturer to vessel, with total visibility on data and associated prices. Two vessels belonging to K Line will benefit from this service.

K Line LNG Shipping (part of the K Line group) manages one of the most sophisticated and modern fleets of LNG carriers worldwide, transporting cargos for the RasGas and Snøhvit projects as well as for the spot market.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies Unitor marine products, technical services, ships agency services and maritime logistics. Both the new offers Ships Agency Re-Defined and Ships Spares Logistics were launched only in June, and have been received enthusiastically in the industry.

Ships Agency Re-Defined: An innovative solution to simplify your multiple port calls worldwide. Read more 

Ships Spares Logistics
- First mile to last mile: Wilhelmsen Ships Service's worldwide network will bring your ships spares from the manufacturer to the vessel, giving you simplicity, visibility and reliability. Read more

Wilhelmsen Ships Service
has the world's largest maritime services network, with the ability to service 2 200 ports in 125 countries. The company's main focus is to deliver improved vessel operating efficiency to the merchant fleet. In 2009 the company made 208 000 product deliveries to 22 000 vessels and handled 53 000 port calls. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has 4 400 employees operating out of 318 offices in 72 countries .For more information, see 

Further information from:

Chris Simmons, Sales Manager - Southern UK, Wilhelmsen Ships Service
Telephone +44 1322 282400 (office) +44 7595 963 666 (mobile)

Terje Borkenhagen, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Wilhelmsen Ships Service
Telephone +47 67 58 47 03 (office) +47 95 08 55 23 (mobile)


Please see Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) company electronic office

For further information, contact:
Ole Jakob Ytterdal
Head of Communications
Wilhelmsen Ships Service
Tel: +47 67 58 40 00
Mobile: +47 97 08 83 62

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) is part of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen group company. It has the world’s largest maritime services network, with 4,500 marine professionals servicing 2,200 ports in 125 countries.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies safety products and services, Unitor products, Unicool refrigerants, Unitor and Nalfleet marine chemicals, maritime logistics and ships agency to the maritime industry. Last year the company made product deliveries to 25,000 vessels and handled 70, 000 port calls.

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