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The third inshore diving boat "Vodolaz Chebanenko" was launched at ZNT-yard

The third inshore diving boat "Vodolaz Chebanenko", project A160 (home port of Novorossiysk) was launched on the 5th of October at ZNT-yard

Construction of four boats under the project A160 is carried out for the state customer - the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the customer - State Contracting Authority for Marine Transport Development Programs within the frames of Subprogram "Marine Transport" of the federal program "Development of Russian transport system (2010-2015)". When the construction is finished the vessels will be handed over to the State Marine Rescue Service of Russia.

 The project is made by ZNT-yard together with "Agat Design Bureau" Ltd. 

The purpose of the vessel

  • Provision of diving works at the depth up to 60 m and sea disturbance up to 3 points.
  • Participation in wrecking and ship raising operations.
  • Inspection of bottom of water areas, sunk objects, underwater part of the vessels' hulls and hydraulic facilities.

Main characteristics:

  • length the biggest -  27,4 m,
  • length (design waterline) - 26,3 m,
  • breadth the biggest - 5,6 m,
  • draft - 1,5 m,
  • deadweight - 9,67 tons,
  • travel speed - about 15 knots,
  • economical - 10 knots.

Keel laying of the boat "Vodolaz Pechkurov" took place on the 16th of October 2009.

JSC "ZNT" is situated in Bor (Nizhny Novgorod region). The yard specializes in vessels of technical and auxiliary fleet, port equipment and marine engineering equipment. The manufacturing capability of the yard provides construction of vessels up to 135 m in length and launching weight up to 1500 tons.


Please see Zavod Nizhegorodsky Teplohod (ZNT Yard), JSC company electronic office

ZNT Yard specializes in vessels of technical and auxiliary fleet, port equipment and marine engineering equipment.

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