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Key appointment to manage Wilhelmsen Ships Service's Ships Spares Logistics freight forwarding centre

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has made a key appointment at the company's new Ships Spares Logistics freight forwarding centre, the hub of its recently launched Ships Spares Logistics service. Stephan Bennfeldt, who has had many years experience of logistics and freight forwarding at management level joins the company as Freight Forwarding Centre Manager. His task is to set up and manage the coordination of a ships spares provision service, a one of its kind within the ship services industry.

The freight forwarding centre (FFC), based at Sittensen, near Hamburg in Germany is the worldwide hub of the company's whole ships spares operation. Stephan's role was initially to set up the centre a full six months before the launch of the "First Mile to Last Mile" ships spares logistics campaign. With this now achieved, he moves into a fully established management role using the latest IT systems and the company's worldwide network to give a number of advantages to Wilhelmsen Ships Service's customers that few, if any, other logistics company can offer.

Stephan was previously Export Manager at Airfreight & Ships Spares Logistics leading a team of 10 forwarding specialists, before joining Wilhelmsen Ships Service.

Stephan Bennfeldt explains "Ships spares are moved efficiently from the depot around the world. Wilhelmsen Ships Service employees across the company's 318 offices in 72 countries share a universal company culture which cuts across local cultural differences via over 30 customer service locations, so our staff deal with shipping customers in their own time zone and in their own language."

"Wilhelmsen Ships Service also has the ability to transport spares directly on board vessels, the so called ‘last mile' of delivery," he adds. "Most other freight forwarding companies deliver to the nearest airport, or to a local warehouse, but they normally do not have permission to enter the port, and therefore they have to sub-contract this operation. Wilhelmsen Ships Service has ISPS agents in 2,200 ports around the world, all linked to a central database through our sophisticated IT systems. I can monitor progress of a spare part in the freight forwarding centre in Germany from the factory door right up to delivery to the chief engineer on board the vessel."

Gavin Griffin, Business Manager for Ships Spares Logistics comments "Stephan brings a wealth of experience to the company and has been instrumental in ensuring our successful launch to the market this year."

Nearly 3000 shipments have already being made with further growth expected.


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Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) is part of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen group company. It has the world’s largest maritime services network, with 4,500 marine professionals servicing 2,200 ports in 125 countries.
Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies safety products and services, Unitor products, Unicool refrigerants, Unitor and Nalfleet marine chemicals, maritime logistics and ships agency to the maritime industry. Last year the company made product deliveries to 25,000 vessels and handled 70, 000 port calls.

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