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IHC Merwede acquires Hytech to strengthen its position in the offshore market

IHC Merwede has announced that is has acquired Hytech on 3 May 2011. This acquisition enables IHC Merwede to further secure its position in the offshore market. IHC Merwede designs and constructs dive support vessels suitable for activities to a depth of 300 metres. Hytech designs the on-board equipment required by these vessels.

By combining knowledge and equipment, IHC Merwede is now able to develop complete saturation diving systems in house. The purchase of Hytech fits in with IHC Merwede's strategy of growth through acquisition, which aims to offer turnkey solutions to customers of all its maritime divisions.

Win-win situation
The acquisition is beneficial for both companies. "Thanks to Hytech, we now have an in-house centre of knowledge for offshore diving activities and are able to supply our offshore vessels with diving equipment," says Govert Hamers, President of IHC Merwede. "In addition, we are able to speed up the expansion of Hytech, because of our financial capabilities."

Jan Lagrouw, Director of Hytech, sees the access to essential know-how as an important advantage: "IHC Merwede's knowledge, combined with its financial backing, allow us to develop, manufacture and support larger, more complex and capital-intensive diving systems."

Efficiency and safety
There are many advantages of the improved integration possibilities of vessel and diving equipment. Thanks to increases in efficiency, vessels can be built faster. This will have a positive impact on delivery times. The vessel itself will also become more efficient and safer, because of this integration. Furthermore, IHC Merwede is now able to develop customised, innovative diving systems, in addition to its existing standard diving equipment systems.

Since Hytech was founded in 1989, it has been operating successfully and steadily worldwide in a niche market subject to strong fluctuations. In addition to offshore, Hytech supplies other industries, such as chemical, medical and defense. Due to its high-quality products, innovative capability and flexibility, it has secured a leading position in this international market.

Joint ambition
Hytech will be named IHC Hytech B.V. under the flag of IHC Merwede, but the company will operate independently and maintain its existing activities. Both companies will focus together on the expansion of the full service principle, which means the design, commissioning and support of diving systems.


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