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Successful launch ceremony for AMBIORIX

The launch for the self-propelled cutter suction dredger, AMBIORIX, took place on 28 October 2011 at the IHC Merwede shipyard in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, The Netherlands. IHC Merwede is building the impressive ship for the DEME (Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering) Group.

The contract for construction of the vessel was signed between DEME and IHC Dredgers in spring 2010, and the keel was laid on 23 December 2010. The vessel will be delivered in May 2012.

The AMBIORIX is able to dredge to a water depth of approximately 35 metres and will be one of the most powerful cutter suction dredgers in the world. This new vessel is suitable for heavy soil and rock. The AMBIORIX is equipped with two inboard dredge pumps and one submerged dredge pump on the cutter ladder. It also has a barge-loading system, which can load barges moored alongside the dredger. The flexible spud carrier includes a buffer system - and other equipment - which enables dredging during challenging weather conditions. The dredging process is entirely touch screen operated. Furthermore, the dredge, is equipped with a 'remote-view' system, enabling the permanent online view of its dredging process at DEME's head office in Zwijndrecht.

The vessel was named after Ambiorix, who was leader of the Gallic people, called the Eburones. With a cunning plan he defeated a Roman legion and five cohorts (7.200 soldiers) of Julius Caesar in 54 BC. This feat made Ambiorix into a Belgian hero - an icon of a brave warrior. The name AMBIORIX fits perfectly with DEME's tradition of naming vessels after historical or cultural national heroes, like Artevelde, Breughel and Breydel.

Additional information
TypeSelf-propelled cutter suction dredger
CustomerDEME NV
BuilderIHC Dredgers B.V.
Length overall123.80m
Dredging depth35.00m
Total installed power26,100kW
Accommodation43 people
Special featureBarge loading


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