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Hempel centralizes global Oil and Gas activities

Hempel centralizes global Oil and Gas activities in Houston, Texas, and launches Global Oil and Gas Center of Excellence.

Hempel, a supplier of protective coatings since 1915, has centralized its global Oil and Gas activities in Houston, Texas, USA by creating a Global Center of Excellence for the industry.

The centralization of Hempel's Oil and Gas operations in Houston is a statement of the company's commitment to its Oil and Gas customers and the industry as a whole. The industry poses unique challenges, and specialist experience and expertise is required to meet these challenges. With this initiative, Hempel is bringing its technical consultants and Oil and Gas specialists closer to companies who can benefit from their knowledge.

Houston is known as the global headquarters of the Oil and Gas industry. Most of the industry's major players are based in this city, and Hempel already supplies coatings to many of these companies. Hempel delivers coating solutions in markets including offshore, refineries, LNG, petrochemicals, storage tank terminals, transmission pipelines, deepwater exploration, unconventional gas, and oil sands.

Kunal Nadkarni, Hempel's Group Oil and Gas Manager, explains: "One of the pillars of Hempel's global Oil and Gas strategy is to be close to the customers. With this Center of Excellence, we are bringing our technical expertise and market knowledge right to the doorstep of many of the world's biggest players. And because this is our corporate Oil and Gas headquarters, we have all the capabilities and agility we need to serve our customers to the best possible level."

According to Dimitris Likouressis, Group Protective Marketing Manager at Hempel, "This is another milestone in an aggressive global growth strategy by Hempel. Over recent months, we have boosted our Oil and Gas team with experienced industry players, and this has culminated in the establishment of this Oil and Gas Center of Excellence. We will be able to deliver better solutions to our customers by meeting local requirements as well as any global requirements from multinational companies. It marks an important step forward in our ambitious plans to further develop our Oil and Gas business."

Hempel's customers are reacting positively to this development. "Keppel AmFELS welcomes Hempel's efforts to better its service to its customers. We wish Hempel success in these customer-focused initiatives," stated Heinz Lundberg, Project Manager for Keppel AmFELS.

With the addition of the Global Center of Excellence, Hempel now provides a full-service Oil and Gas center in Houston, which is home to the manufacturing site, local R&D, Engineering and Project Team, Technical Service Department, Sales, Marketing, and the North American Oil and Gas team. Corporate Oil and Gas functions, including the Group Manager and Business Development Manager, are also based here.


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Group Branding & Communication Director
Hempel A/S
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