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The Steel-cutting Ceremony of Yuexins 38M Harbour Multi-function Tugboat YX3185

At 11:00am of 6th, March, the steel-cutting ceremony of 38M Harbour Multi-function Tugboat YX3185 built for CNPC South-East Asia Pipeline Company Limited is held in Yuexin's Sub-module Factory. With the independent design of Yuexin, the vessel measures 38m in length with a moulded breath of 10.6m,a moulded deapth of 4.8m and a moulded draft of 3.5m. The designed ahead bollard pull reaches 62T and the astern reaches 56T.

The vessel is equipped with two Yanma main engine and Schottel amuzith thruster as well as two Cummins generator sets and Norway FFS Fire-fighting System. Propelled by two diesel engines each rated at 1838kw and two 360azimuth rotatable thrusters, the vessel is mainly operated in harbor area, and she is able to assist the 300,000 DWT tanker to manage berthing, unberthing and ratating.With perfect stability, the vessel is capable of maintaining navigability and manoeuvreability under the wind of Beaufort Force 8, while in case of Beaufort Force 6 wind, she performs well in t towing, pushing and siding. What's more, the oil recovery function is the biggest difference of the former two vessels, which plays an important role in protecting marine environment.

YX3185 is the third ASD tug that Yuexin built for CNPC South-East Asia Pipeline Company Limited, and is to be delivered in May of 2013. She will be assigned to work in Kyaunkpyu Island of the west coast of Myanmar. Yuexin has made well production preparation since won the bid in September last year. The steel cutting ceremony of the first two 37m ASD tugs have been held in December last month and the projects is going well.


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