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FSG launches employment initiative: Forty additional engineers required

FSG opens new office Flensburg Ship Design in Hamburg in May

Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) recently booked attractive new orders as part of an expansion of its product portfolio. Now the shipyard is in the press yet again - by creating 40 jobs for engineers at a new office in Hamburg.

"In May we will open our new office Flensburg Ship Design in Hamburg to show our flag in this location, which is so important for shipbuilding and shipping within the maritime cluster", said FSG Managing Director Peter Sierk. "In recent weeks we won new and attractive orders and we are also involved in very promising negotiations with further new customers. This means considerably more work for us and we are in urgent need for competent engineers", Sierk added. "We are an attractive and flexible employer and we want to offer engineers the opportunity to combine their lives and career in the exciting port and global metropolis Hamburg. For many engineers who are interested in FSG, moving house is a big hurdle and our presence now in Hamburg is designed to remove that obstacle. If people do not want to come to work in Flensburg, then we will just have to bring the work to the people", he said.

According to Peter Sierk the future of the shipyard lies in its versatility. "We are the world leader in RoRo-Ship building. However, we have to launch many new ideas and projects if we are to remain successful in the market." He said that because of this, the yard has focussed its attention since last summer on the booming offshore market, among others. "All of this demands a much higher output than in previous years from our design, research and development departments", he said. After all, he added, FSG has always believed in using pioneering innovation to stay ahead of its competitors. Sierk is convinced that FSG can only continue to survive successfully on the world market if it maintains its advantages in know-how, in the highest-possible production quality and in absolute delivery and budget reliability. The employment initiative now and the establishment of the Hamburg office are important building blocks in this process.

Sierk stressed that the move to Hamburg will strengthen the innovative clout and competitiveness of FSG in the special ships sector and also benefit the yard's 700 core employees in Flensburg. "This has absolutely nothing to do with relocating capacities or departments - quite the opposite", he said. "FSG is growing and is creating 40 real, additional full-time jobs in order to successfully complete the work before it in a way which its own high standards dictate and to the complete satisfaction of its customers", he declared.

"Our technical manager Dr Broder Hinrichsen is responsible for building up and heading the new engineering office in Hamburg and he is already addressing this task energetically and with a lot of enthusiasm", Sierk continued. Broder Hinrichsen said "the team of engineers in Hamburg will work closely and co-operate with the more than 100 members of the design and engineering team actually working at the shipyard in Flensburg - just like all of us belong to the same Flensburger family". Because of this, it is planned to familiarise the new engineers with operations in Flensburg over a period of several months before they go to work on their own in Hamburg on systems and complete ship sectors. "In this way entire ship designs will be drawn up jointly with colleagues in Flensburg", Hinrichsen added.

The idea, however, is not just to use the new office to process the shipyard's own designs. Broder Hinrichsen explained: "The decision to set up an office in Hamburg is a signal to all ship owners that they can make use of our services for other project work as well".


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