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New coating for high temperature crude oil and water handling

As oil companies are drilling deeper, they need to handle high temperature crude oil more and more often. Which is why Hempel has developed Hempadur 35900, a solvent-free tank interior coating with temperature resistance up to 93°C/200°F.

"Crude oil that's deep underground can reach temperatures up to 90°C," explains Kunal Nadkarni, Group Oil & Gas Segment Manager at Hempel. "But ordinary coatings can't handle these temperatures, and this could result in cargo contamination.

"Hempadur 35900 is the ideal solution. It's certified up to 93°C/200°F, making it possible for oil & gas companies to store and transport liquids at high temperatures. And it's also 100% solvent-free, which means it adheres to ever stricter environmental regulations."

A coating proven in the field
A two-component solvent-free high-build amine-cured phenolic epoxy, Hempadur 35900 holds a NORSOK approval and has already been approved by some of the world's largest oil & gas companies. It's also had success in the field.

"We had very good success with a real-time trial application in the Middle East," says Kunal. "The feedback we received from the customer was very motivating, and justifies all the hard work we put into developing the product."

Simple solvent-free application
As a solvent-free product, Hempadur 35900 is good news for applicators. It doesn't release solvents during the application process and, because it's also been optimised for use with airless spray and brush (touch-up), it's simple to apply on both full applications and touch-up repairs.

Hempadur 35900 can also be applied with a very high dry film thickness, which means it requires fewer coats than solvent-borne alternatives and can be used for bottom rehabilitation of old tanks.

The full range of coatings
Hempadur 35900 is the latest addition to Hempel's comprehensive tank lining assortment, which includes both solvent-free and solvent-borne products covering a wide range of cargoes and temperatures.


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