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Hyundai Heavy Launches 120-ton Excavator in Korea

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world's biggest shipbuilder and a leading construction equipment manufacturer, today announced the launch of the 120-ton excavator (R1200-9) in the Korean market. The new ultra-large excavator, featuring the Hi-Mate remote management system*, can generate power up to 750 hp. The R1200-9 excavator has been very popular in Russia, Australia, and Indonesia since it debuted in those markets last year.

The new excavators are the biggest in the Korean market. The next biggest excavator is Hyundai Heavy's 80-ton excavator (800LC-9).

With the introduction of this new model, Hyundai Heavy is the only Korean company with a full line-up of excavators, ranging from 1.6-ton mini excavators to 120-ton excavators.

The excavators measure 14.5 m in length, 5.5 m in width, and 6.2 m in height. They also have self-diagnostic for major parts, 7-inch LCD dashboard, rear camera, sun roof, and anti-theft system.

Hyundai Heavy has been seeing rapid growth in its construction equipment business with constant technological developments and introduction of market-friendly models. Hyundai Heavy introduced Korea's first electric excavators and hybrid excavators in 2010.

Hyundai Heavy's 120 ton Excavator (R1200-9)
*Hi-Mate System: Hi-Mate is Hyundai's remote management system. Hi-Mate uses GPS technology to control and protect construction equipment, and also to ensure proper maintenance. Hi-Mate collects information from construction equipment at worksites and sends it to HHI's main server, where the information is analyzed. The analysis allows HHI to send any required spare parts the moment they are needed, reducing maintenance time. The system also enables users to evaluate machine performance such as fuel consumption, coolant temperature, pump pressure etc. which helps keep construction equipment in the optimal condition.


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Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI) is the world's largest shipbuilding company, headquartered in Ulsan, South Korea. It has seven business divisions: Shipbuilding, Offshore & Engineering, Industrial Plant & Engineering, Engine & Machinery, Electro & Electric Systems, Construction Equipment, and Green Energy.

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