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"Blue Daddy": high-speed with Eliche Radice

We know those work vessels for which speed, reliability and load capacity are specifications for operating in the difficult offshore market, by the acronym of FSV (Fast Supply Vessels). Belonging to this particular class, "Blue Daddy" is the latest arrival to the Bambini Ltd fleet, a company that for over twenty years has been diversifying its activities within offshore related areas.

"Blue Daddy" was built in aluminium by the Victoria Shipyard. She is 51.5 m long overall with a width of 9.20 m and 2.20 m draft. The vessel was built to carry 71 people at an operational speed of 29 knots in order to meet the logistical needs of offshore platforms, showing a high versatility for crew staff transport capacity, deck cargo capacity (150 tons) and liquids (110 cubic meters of oil + 115 cubic meters of water).

Eliche Radice is one of the few companies which handle all stages of propeller production directly, starting from the specifications in its metallurgical foundry, to the finishing stages and control of the propellers in the Cinisello Balsamo factory, where in addition to the production phase, the necessary stages of product engineering development are also carried out.

Thanks to a so good Tecnonavi (Ancona, Italy) project, to the specifically designed hull for this type of unit, to the effective and valuable assistance of RINA, to the Krylov Ship Building Research Institute in St. Petersburg, to Professor George Trincas of Trieste University, to Eliche Radice and all the others who have participated in the delicate phases of this project, all the requests and expectations of the Armatrice shipping company have been amply met as the "BLUE DADDY" has indeed shown excellent sea-keeping qualities with a decidedly higher level of performance that puts it at the top on the international scene.


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