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TTS Ц High activity to the offshore segments

TTS Group ASA, Bergen has through its subsidiary Company TTS ships equipment AS. secured four contracts with STX OSV Brattvaag building, STX OSV Soviknes and Kleven Maritime in a total value of 30 MNOK.

The contracts with STX OSV Brattvaag relate to vessel no. 793 and vessel no.794 for shipowner Siem Offshore, and the contract with STX OSV Soviknes relates new build no. 776 for the shipping company DOF. TTS is going to supply ROV ports, port hangar, moon pool hatch, cargo hatch and provision port and mooring platforms for each of these vessels. Delivery will be in a periode of December 2012 to March 2013.

The contract with Kleven Maritime relates new build no. 359 is for delivery to REM Offshore. TTS is going to supply ROV doors and hangar door to this ship. Delivery will be in February 2013.


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For further information, please contact
Bjorn Andersson,
CEO & President,
TTS Group ASA,
Phone (+47) 911 33 671

Henrik Solberg-Johansen,
phone (+47) 982 06 438

Miao Reinlund,
Vice President Corporate
TTS Group ASA,
phone (+ 47) 900 65 883

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