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The Launching Ceremony of Yuexins 58.7m AHTS Vessel YX3156/58

On 23rd, June of 2012, the launching ceremonies of 58.7m AHTS Vessel YX3156 &YX3158 were held on drydock #2 of Yuexin shipyard at the same time.

YX3156 is built for a Norway ship owner, while YX3158 is built for Martens Marine Private Limited. Both of the two vessels apply the design from KHIAM CHUAN MARINE (KCM).

The vessels measure 58.7m in length, with a moulded breadth of 14.6m, and a moulded depth of 5.5m. The maximum draught is 4.75 m. The vessel can carry 42 men, 475m3 of fuel oil, 230m3 of fresh water, 187m3 of dry bulk and 250m3 of mud. Equipped with a 150t line pull winch, they are designed to have bollard pull of 65T,and speed of 13.5 knots.

YX3156 is built to Bureau Veritas, including 【Class 1, + Hull, + MACH, "Supply Vessel & Fire Fighting Ship" Unrestricted Navigation】. And YX3158 is built to ABS Class and includes the notations: A1? "OFFSHORE SUPPORT VESSEL, AH, TOWING VESSEL, FIRE FIGHTING VESSEL CLASS 1", AMS,and DPS-1.

Both YX3156 and YX3158 are the second vessel that Yuexin build for the owners.


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