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The products are aimed as ideal solution for any vehicle or boat where pollution or sound restrictions apply

Transfluid currently produce a range of drive line products that include various forms of fluid couplings, brakes, flexible couplings, splitter boxes/pump drives and hydraulically/pneumatically actuated power take offs for use in electric motor and Diesel engine applications. In addition, Transfluid are renowned for their range of Rangermatic and Revermatic powershift transmissions.

The new concept hybrid transmission is an accumulation of market requirements and the use of several already well established products. The HT-700 and the HM-560 hybrid will use components and technology from Transfluid HFR210 clutch, SPD11 pump drive (splitter box), DP280 drop box, SL750 brake and Rangermatic powershift transmission (HT-700) or any marine gear, hydrostatic transmission or drive train provided that follows SAE standards (HM-560).

The electric machine (that is generator and motor) fits one of the pump drives and will be controlled by dedicated frequency converter. Recharging battery during braking or downhill drive is an included technology.


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Transfluid were established in 1957 in Milan, Italy and today occupy a 15000 sqm site very close to Milan's Malpensa airport.

We have been ISO 9001 Lloyds Register approved since 1997 and have 5 subsidiaries (Brasil, China, France, Russia, USA) and 50 distributors throughout the World.

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