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IHC Sealing Solutions signs purchasing agreement with Berg Propulsion

Sep. 5, 2012 - IHC Sealing Solutions, part of IHC Merwede, and Berg Propulsion have further strengthened their cooperation by signing a General Purchase Agreement (GPA). The agreement was signed by Mr Willem Steenge, Managing Director of IHC Sealing Solutions, and Ms Marit Börjesson, Managing Director of Berg Propulsion, during the SMM exhibition in Hamburg.

The GPA officially grants IHC Sealing Solutions the status of preferred supplier, based on its reputation of high-quality seals and fast international deliveries. The signing of the GPA underlines the close, worldwide cooperation that both companies have established over the years.

Established in 1856, IHC Sealing Solutions delivers expert solutions to the marine market. The objective has always been long-term performance in order to promise peace of mind for customers and safety for the environment. To date, IHC Sealing Solutions serves a vast network of propulsion manufacturers and ship owners benefiting from its seals – over 30,000 seals are now in operation. Supported by the IHC Merwede group of innovative technology companies, its customers' needs are served 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide.

Berg Propulsion began building propellers in 1929. Superior craftsmanship, expert knowledge of materials and engineering are deeply rooted traditions carried on by generations of skilled employees. Today Berg Propulsion operates out of state-of-the-art production facilities in Sweden and Singapore, with sales and service offices located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore, Bremen, San Sebastian, Rio de Janeiro, Busan, Genoa, Mumbai, Namibia and the Swedish west coast.

Willem Steenge commented: "After more than 40 years of close cooperation, it is good to see that IHC Sealing Solutions and Berg Propulsion are taking the next step in working together. This extensive agreement creates an even better mutual understanding and unified way of working. All with one goal: to ensure that ship owners and managers can keep going, day and night, worldwide."

Marit Börjesson said: "The signing of the GPA further strengthens the long-term relationship between Berg Propulsion and IHC Sealing Solutions. The agreement forms the basis of our work and enhances the mutual focus on overall quality for our customers."


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