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Summa Group will develop RFID technologies in Russia

Vladivostok, Sep. 7 2012. – Summa Group has signed a cooperation agreement with a global nongovernmental organization GS1 Russia to advance global supply chain standards adoption in Russia to improve traceability and enhance supply chain visibility, transparency and interoperability. As a part of the agreement, both organizations will explore how GS1 standards, including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can be applied in transportation and logistics.

An initiative to develop and introduce a universal RFID standard in APEC economies’ supply chain was proposed by Russia and supported by the APEC Business Advisory Council. These plans fulfillment will allow to cut the cargo handling time in Russian supply chains and will significantly increase the speed of cargo customs clearance.

“Mr. Magomedov was short of brilliant chairing APEC and that allowed significant progress in promoting the adoption of global supply chain standards across APEC economies and we are very confident adoption will dramatically raise Russia’s transportation system efficiency and cut transportation costs to increase competitiveness of Russia, said John Keogh, Director, GS1 Global Office”.

“Harmonized customs procedures, automated cargo identification, single window system at the customs are the measures that will allow our country to fully use its transit potential. The amount of trade between Europe and Asia exceeds USD 1 trillion and every percent of the cargo that is transported via Russian territory, will get our country no less than USD 1 billion. Today we serve less than 1% of transit cargo flows”, said Chair of the APEC Business Advisory Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Summa Group Ziyavudin Magomedov.


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