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TTS signs contracts for ships equipment worth 100 MNOK

Bergen 7 November 2012 - TTS Group ASA has, through its subsidiary TTS Ships Equipment AS, signed two contracts regarding sideloading systems and cranes worth approx. 100 MNOK.

The first contract is with Star Reefers of London and regards delivery of Sideloading Systems for four  reefer ships. The ships are to be upgraded with three sideloading systems each, an installation that handles both pallets and cars. The upgrade increases load capacity and reduces port turnaround. Delivery will take place during the second half of 2013.

The second contract is for a Norwegian shipowner and regards cranes on two offshore vessels being built at a European shipyard. Each ship will have three cranes installed. Delivery will take place during Q4 of 2013 and Q1 of 2014.


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For further information, please contact
Bjorn Andersson,
CEO & President,
TTS Group ASA,
Phone (+47) 911 33 671

Henrik Solberg-Johansen,
phone (+47) 982 06 438

Miao Reinlund,
Vice President Corporate
TTS Group ASA,
phone (+ 47) 900 65 883

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