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Damen Shipyards group opens office in Stavanger, Norway

Advanced base for new Sales Manager Remko Hottentot

On 16 November 2012, Arnout Damen, COO of Damen Shipyards Group, officially opened a new office in Norwegian Stavanger. When asked why Dutch headquartered Damen Shipyards sets up an advanced base in Stavanger, its new Sales Manager Remko Hottentot said: “It is the European Oil & Gas capital and the place the ONS Exhibition and conferences are held. Stavanger is, so to speak, a mini-Houston”.

Mr Hottentot has an international nautical background and experience in the Offshore and LNG industries. He married to a Norwegian lady over 22 years ago, speaks the language fluently and it is therefore no surprise that he feels quite at home in Norway.

The opening gave Mr Hottentot a chance to show what Damen is about and in particular that Damen is becoming more and more active in the Offshore industry. Damen booked newbuilding orders for a series of four Platform Supply Vessels to be built at Damen Shipyard Galati (Romania) and another two to be built at Damen Shipyards Bergum (The Netherlands). Three Damen Ocean-going Patrol Vessels of the Holland Class were docked at Vågen, close to the office in the centre of Stavanger. One of the vessels, HNLMS Zeeland, was visited by the invitees at the opening.

Various vessels
The three vessels OPV Zeeland, Holland and Groningen are part of the new Holland Class Ocean-going Patrol Vessels. The class is designed for patrolling and intervention, notably against light armed opposition, such as pirates. The vessel is also suited for assistance in international emergencies. Mr Hottentot adds: “We are still a modest player in the offshore industry, but experienced in designing and building PSV’s, Seismic Research Support Vessels, Fast Crew Suppliers and Offshore Wind catamarans. Customers can buy virtually off the shelf. One Norwegian customer found that out when he told me he was looking for a 10 m long tugboat.  On second thought, he said, a 12 m long vessel would be more suitable. I could immediately show him both and arrange delivery within two months, if so desired.”

“The fast response and the fact that Damen is a family-owned business appears to be appealing to Norwegian business partners. Generally speaking, Norwegian companies themselves are family-owned. People know that this can mean an easy accessible management and being customer driven. That is exactly what the Damen Group is and for the Norwegian market to become familiar with”, says Remko Hottentot.

Product range
Damen offers a wide range of ships, such as: tugs, workboats, patrol vessels, high speed crafts, dredgers, cargo vessels, PSV’s, oil-spill response vessels, patrol vessels, frigates and even mega yachts. Product design and engineering are carried out in-house and a broad range of standard designs is available. Damen’s product development policy is driven by an extensive R&D programme, customer feedback and (field) experience.

The Damen Norway office will serve all shipbuilding markets as of the opening today.


Damen Offshore - Product range

Damen offers an integrated and complete range of Offshore Support Vessels and special projects. Modern design and a high degree of standardisation result in reliable vessels with a low Total Cost of Ownership. Damen Offshore serves customers as varied as support companies, construction companies, coast guards, geotechnical companies and survey companies.

All our designs are based on thorough research and client feedback. We work closely together with universities, scientific research institutions and we regularly sail along with clients. Hence, we build for operability, rather than for trial conditions.

We’ve developed a broad range of vessel types for clients in the Oil & Gas industry and for other clients working offshore. Examples are our Platform Supply Vessels, Anchor Handling Tug Suppliers and Fast Crew Suppliers (outfitted with a conventional bow, the Damen Sea Axe bow or a Twin Axe bow).

Other examples are Emergency Response Vessels, Chemical Recovery Vessels, Fishery Inspection Surveillance Vessels, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Seismic Research Support Vessels, Environmental Research & Laboratoty Vessels, High Speed Support Vessels and Multi Purpose Vessels.

Of our three most popular PSV designs more than 20 have been built in the past ten years, mainly for the Brazilian and Dutch offshore markets. Currently we are building six newly designed, environmentally friendly platform suppliers: the PSV 3300. Based on client feedback and scientific research, The PSV 3300 E3 is a platform supplier with excellent seakeeping qualities.

Our existing AHTS newbuilds, with a 130 t BP, have been active in the Mediterranean for over 3 years. Damen aims for a further growth in the Offshore industry and has developed an Anchor Handling range up to 200 ton BP. Currently, our AHTS 150 design has been completed and the AHTS 200 design is in its final stages and includes ROV support functionality. As a special feature an Artic execution may be considered in due course.

The Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610 is a fast, stable and safe offshore working platform. Its revolutionary Twin Axe Bow enables the FCS 2610 to cut through the waves effortlessly while maintaining a stable speed of more than 20 knots. This design reduces slamming and vertical accelerations up to 75%.

Damen Sea Base
Increasing pressure to cut emissions has boosted demand for offshore wind energy. Damen has developed a number of innovative and cost-reducing solutions by introducing a range of dedicated support vessels, safe crew-transfer systems and a fully integrated Infrastructure Support Vessel: the Damen ‘Sea Base’.

By integrating good seakeeping behaviour, lower fuel consumption, safety, cargo capacity and crew comfort, Damen enables offshore contractors and suppliers to minimize down-time and maximize workability.

Offshore Heavy Lift Vessel 1800

The Damen HLV 1800 is a DP2 Offshore Heavy Lift Vessel outfitted with two 900 t mast cranes and a combined lifting capacity of 1,800 t. The 3,100 m² of free deck space and 20,000 mᶟ adjustable cargo hold can accommodate almost any cargo. With a deepwater winch system the HLV 1800 is able to work offshore in 3,000 m water depth.

RoRo Deep Dredge
Damen Dredging Equipment has developed a modular, efficient and safe system for mining, dredging and trenching operations up to 200m water depth. Due to a flexible suction pipe, dredging depth has become independent from the vessels length. The RoRo Deep Dredge can be mounted on any vessel.

Offshore Pontoons & Crane Barges
Damen pontoons offers a full range of offshore, Heavy Lift and/or semi-submersible pontoons, from simple, but sea going, platforms to crane and pipelaying barges.

Damen Offshore Carrier 7500

The Damen Offshore Carrier (DOC) 7500 is a multi-purpose, flush working deck, Heavy Lift and/or RoRo-carrier with offshore installation capabilities suitable for multiple markets. The Damen Offshore Carrier aims to provide flexibility and year-round utilization.

Damen developed the new vessel in cooperation with Singapore based heavy lift transport specialist Hans van Mameren. The DOC 7500 has an endurance of 65 days, a large, flat and unobstructed deck of 2,300 m², a deck strength of 20 t/m² and is highly fuel-efficient. The multi-market vessel is able to handle higher sea states, whilst maintaining course and speed and, by that, being more economical and reliable. The vessel can run on HFO380, making it even more cost efficient.

Another option is the semi-submersible version, in which the vessel is equipped with buoyancy casings. Additionally, the DOC can be fitted with a modular Damen Deep Dredge system, giving owners a deepsea dredging and mining solution up to 200 m water depth.

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Damen Workboats - Product range

We offer a wide range of products, such as: tugs, workboats, offshore support vessels, AHTSs, fast crew suppliers (conventional bow, Sea Axe, Twin Axe), dredgers, oil-spill response vessels, ferries, survey and research vessels, frigates and superyachts.

Product design and engineering are carried out in-house and a broad range of standard designs is available from the smallest tug to the biggest yacht. Damen’s product development policy is primarily driven by customer feedback and (field) experience. We consider this a strength that has been at the core of our success.

Damen Workboats
Damen offers many workboats and workboat solutions. Two of our most popular designs are the (patented) Multi Cat and the Shoalbuster. Recently we’ve developed a new series of Utility Vessels, incorporating many features of the Multi Cat and the Shoalbuster types as well as new market demands.

Damen Shipyards invented the Shoalbuster in 1994 when it saw a market for smaller Anchor handling Tug & Supply vessels with a shallow draught. Immediately it became a popular vessel for towing, pushing, dredging support, harbour maintenance, buoy and anchor handling, pollution control and cargo transport. Shoalbusters have very shallow draught and are highly manoeuvrable.

Multi Cat
The Multi Cat, another Damen invention dating four decades back, is a highly successful all-round workhorse. Today, MuC’s around the world steadily perform the duties they are designed for in a variety of markets, such as dredging and offshore wind. From anchor, pipeline or cutter-head handling and repair, to transporting fuel, supplies, spare parts and crew to wind turbines; from shifting dredgers from one location to another to assisting cable-laying barges – a Multi Cat can be deployed for many river, inshore and offshore tasks. ‘Multi Cat’ is a patented design and literally stands for a Multi-purpose vessel with Caterpillar engines. MuCs have a large working deck, one or two cranes and both a stern and bow roller.

Utility Vessels
Damen’s new Utility Vessel range is being developed to support light duty work inshore and offshore.  All designs have the flexibility to be adapted for a wide range of tasks. These can range from pollution control, fire-fighting, buoy laying, lighthouse support, ballast water treatment services, supporting diving operations, survey & research work to maintenance jobs in, amongst others, inland waterways and the renewable energies market.

For the development of the Utility Vessel series all our extensive global experiences with Damen workboats is taken on-board and added with new trends in customer demands to ensure that the latest, fit for purpose solutions are included.

Damen Utility Vessels, with designs sized from approx. 20 to 60 m, boast large and clear working decks, spacious accommodations and flexible spaces for either project related stores (both general and liquid cargo) or offices. The new UV’s have limited drafts to give access to inshore and shallow waters. Basically, all vessels will be as simple as possible and prepared for a wide range of option packages to allow customers to configure their vessel as desired.

More workboats…
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Damen Shipyards Group operates 32 shipbuilding and repair yards, employing 9,000 people worldwide. Damen has delivered more than 6,000 vessels in more than 100 countries and delivers some 180 vessels annually to customers worldwide. Based on its unique, standardised ship-design concept Damen is able to guarantee consistent quality.
Damen’s focus on standardisation, modular construction and keeping vessels in stock leads to short delivery times, low ‘total cost of ownership’, high resale values and reliable performance. Furthermore, Damen vessels are based on thorough R&D and proven technology.

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