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Offshore platform FPF-1 lifted up!

Recently, we have welcomed 12fth offshore platform to be converted at our shipyard. A semi-submersible production platform FPF-1 is operated by Petrofac. Remontowa S.A., has been entrusted by the Owner with the modification and modernization of the unit. The conversion is carried out by the shipyard’s Offshore Division.

The 82 m long, 75 m wide and some 30 m high platform, with a displacement of 26 639 tons and lightweight of some 14 000 tons, is a significant new task for Remontowa S.A. The immediate work programme after the arrival of the unit at the shipyard was focused on the performance of a detailed inspection to verify the requirements of the envisaged marine systems workscope and preparation for dry dock works.

As it was planned for months, in April 2013 the docking operation took place. FPF-1 was docked onto the Remontowa's proprietary submersible heavy-lift barge REM Lift 25 000. Docking of the Petrofac - operated unit was another job of that kind performed by REM Lift 25 000 at Remontowa. The operation went as scheduled on April 18, 2013. Lifting the offshore structure, weighing some 14 000 tons, on board the submersible barge, was another important milestone in the conversion process.

Within the last period, Remontowa S.A. has serviced, repaired or upgraded 12 offshore platforms of various types (self-elevating units and semi-subs, accommodation and workshop, as well as drilling units). The shipyard is also active in other sectors of offshore market, performing such works as conversions of tankers into shuttle tankers with bow loading systems and to FPSO vessels, conversions of shuttle tankers into well stimulation vessels, conversions of offshore support vessels (to diving support and other types / purposes), conversions and upgrades of seismic vessels, repairs and maintenance of any kind of offshore ships, etc.

We are happy to have another large offshore platform at our shipyard and we look forward to cooperate on this challenging and exciting project with our new Client.


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Remontowa S.A., a leader amongst European ship repair yards and a major player on the world market, specializes in ship repairs and conversions, design and construction of new ships, offshore units and steel structures.

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