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Hempel: New fast-drying mid-coat promises to reduce costs for offshore wind tower producers

With the launch of HEMPADUR 47300, Hempel can now offer offshore wind tower producers a NORSOK-approved epoxy mid-coat with one of the fastest curing times in the industry.

HEMPADUR 47300 is a low-solvent epoxy mid-coat that has been specially formulated for tough offshore conditions. It can be handled just four hours after application – roughly one hour faster than standard equivalent coatings – and this improved drying time promises to help wind tower producers increase production efficiency and reduce costs.

“Curing time is one of the biggest causes of bottlenecks on wind tower production lines,” explains Group Power Segment Manager Anders Voldsgaard Clausen. “A 25 per cent reduction in curing time means manufacturers can achieve a much faster production flow. They can coat more towers each shift and use less energy to dry the towers – which helps drive down the total cost of each unit.”

Lower VOC and NORSOK approval
As well as faster curing times, HEMPADUR 47300 also has a solvent content of just 190 grams per litre. As a result, it releases very little VOC into the atmosphere during application, which is an important consideration for many producers in this industry. It is also approved and certified according to NORSOK M-501, system 1, which is often demanded by specifiers when they create specifications.

“HEMPADUR 47300 has been released at a very good time for us,” says Anders. “The offshore wind energy industry is looking to lower costs in every part of the value chain, including productivity in the tower manufacturing stage, as they strive to bring down the total costs of wind energy production. Many manufacturers are looking for a faster curing solution that has a low solvent content and NORSOK approval.”

Key benefits

    Increased productivity: With a 25 per cent faster curing time, HEMPADUR 47300 enables manufacturers to coat more towers in each shift. This means they can reduce bottlenecks, increase line speeds and reduce energy costs associated with heating drying halls.
    Low VOC emissions: HEMPADUR 47300 has a solvent content of just 190 grams per litre, which helps manufacturers meet ever stricter environmental legislation.
    NORSOK approval: Many specifiers demand NORSOK approval in order to reduce risk in the coating systems they specify. HEMPADUR 47300 is approved according to NORSOK M-501, system 1.


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