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New Flensburg Prototype launched

ConRo ferry for Canadian ship owner sets new standards

Flensburg, May 31, 2013 – The 210 metre long ConRo ferry “Oceanex Connaigra” was launched to-day by Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) for the Canadian shipping company Oceanex. The ship already sets new standards as far as innovation, flexibility and en-vironment are concerned. She underscores, yet again, the excellent global reputation of Flensburg shipbuilders for setting benchmarks in international shipbuilding.

FSG has been building this latest ship since October of last year. She is operationally very flexible with a deadweight of 19,300 tons, which is unusually high for a ConRo vessel. Her design, including ramps and clear deck heights, means that containers of different sizes as well as trucks, trailers and cars can be carried on 13,700 square me-tres of available space. The ship’s extensive equipment includes a stern ramp, a side ramp, fixed car decks in the lower hold and below them hanging decks also in the low -er hold as well as an internal ramp system supplying the different trailer and car deck levels.

Another special feature is the design of all systems for classified world-wide transport, which means the highest ice-class. Because of the rough weather conditions the ship will have to cope with and temperatures down to -30 degrees, all components are of high quality and well above the usual standard for existing ConRo ships on the market.

Quality and reliability come first for the ship’s owners because they will be judged by their customers on the punctuality and reliability of their door-to-door transport concept.

Both customers and shipyard have also placed the highest value on environmental  factors in this project. Because of her optimal lines the new ship uses 30% less fuel than ships previously in service. That means a reduction in CO2 emissions of about 20,000 tons a year. With her innovative new waste gas de-sulphurisation plant the new FSG ship already meets stricter environmental regulations due to apply from 2015 on ships in emission control areas.


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