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Company SPB Marine celebrates 7 years

Sept. 19, 2014 - Today the company SPB Marine is 7 years old. To date, SPB Marine is an official dealer of Scania, an official distributor of Bukh, a service dealer of Corporation Twin Disc and an official dealer of Discom.

During these 7 years SPB Marine has already achieved significant results:

   •         In 2012, the company reached a record level of sales of Bukh engines in the history of the brabd in Russia. It sold 11 engines.

   •          In 2013, the company signed the largest in the history of the brand Scania in Russia contract for the supply of marine engines for the company «ZNT». It supplied 32 engines.

   •          The company has participated in a number of major projects, such as  RT18, A40-2B, A160, TG 04 and others.

   •          SPB Marine`s list of clients includes such large companies as Gazpromneft Shippimg, ZNT, Norilsk Nickel, State Marine Emergency Salvage, Rescue and Pollution Prevention Coordination Service of the Russian Federation and others.

We hope that this list will be updated with more and more new achievements and results with each passing year!


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SPB Marine operates as a seller of engines, generating sets and relevant equipment for marine and industrial applications on the territory of Russia and CIS.
SPB Marine LLC is an official dealer of Scania Company, a distributor of Bukh Company and a service dealer of Twin Disc Company.

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