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Summa Group and Jilin Province of China Agree on Building a Logistics Center

A number of intergovernmental and corporate agreements were concluded during the meeting of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on October 13, 2014. One of them was the agreement between Summa Group and Jilin province of China regarding the intention to build a logistics center in China. The document was signed by president of Summa Group Vladimir Kayashev and the vice governor of Jilin province Chen Weigen.
The plan calls for the construction of a logistics center in the border town of Hunchun. On the site, which the Chinese side is ready to provide for the project, flows of cargo transiting the Big Port Zarubino in the Primorsky Territory will be handled. The main aim of creating a distribution center in Hunchun is segregating supplies and forming shipload lots as well as taking all auxiliary operations away from Zarubino, to speed up transshipment in the seaport and to raise the effectiveness of logistics as a whole.
Creating an inland port will also help solving the problem of different gauge width in China and Russia. Running to Hunchun are both the Chinese railroad, whose capacity will soon be increased to 20m tons, and the Russian railway spur transiting the border checkpoint Makhalino.
The agreement about facilitating the delivery of the Big Port Zarubino project was concluded between Summa Group and Jilin province as part of Vladimir Putin’s visit to China on May 20, 2014. The project will integrate the 40m-ton grain terminal, 2m-TEU container terminal, Ro/Ro terminal for 1.5m units of rolling cargo a year, general cargo transshipping terminal (more than 25m tons) and a number of other terminals. The port’s total capacity will reach 60m tons with a possible buildup to 100m tons. This will be one of Russia’s largest universal ports.


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