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MMK benefits from import substitution on the domestic market

OJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works ("MMK" or “the Company”) bases its development strategy on continuing to strengthenits positions on the domestic market, producing goods for import substitution and meeting demand in the Russian economy for state-of-the-art and high-quality metal. In recent years, MMK mastered and launched production technologies for types of metal that previously had to be imported – flat products for high diameter pipes, high-quality cold-rolled and galvanised products.

Mill 5000 is the key element in MMK’s thick plate production complex. The Mill’s highquality and competitive production meets demand generated by major oil & gas infrastructure projects in Russia, including key strategic pipelines such as Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok, Bovanenkovo-Ukhta, Southern Corridor, Power of Siberia, as well as oil pipelines such as the Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline. In particular, as part of the ESPO project, MMK developed a technology for the production of seismic-proof rolled steel that is K56/—2 strength grade and has a width of 14.0 mm and 17.0 mm – a first for Russia.

As part of thePower of Siberia project, MMK produced and successfully received certification for a pilot batch of thick plate of K60 strength grade with a width of 32.0 mm. This product is designed for the production of pipes used in active tectonic zones in areas of higher seismic activity and permafrost, all conditions which dictatetheir own specific requirements for seismic resistance and tolerance to extreme temperatures.

The new complex at the cold-rolled products Mill 2000 is designed for the production of high-quality cold-rolled and galvanised metal for the automotive industry, household appliance production and the construction sector. Thanks to technological features of this state-of-the-art complex, MMK production meets the highest quality standards for cold-rolled and hot-dip-galvanised metal, can meet tight width limits, and makes it possible to apply corrosion-resistant zinc-iron or phosphate coatings.

The cold-rolled products Mill 2000’s considerable capabilitiesmake it possible for MMK to produce high-tensile DP, TRIPand CPsteel, which in turn sparks interest from producers of cars and car components within in Russia.


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