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Hempel launches a new high performance range of pure epoxy PSPC compliant coatings for the marine new-buildings market

March 11, 2015 - Maintaining its position as an industry leader, the world-wide coatings manufacturer Hempel has today launched HEMPADUR QUATTRO XO – a high performance range of pure epoxy PSPC compliant coatings for marine new-buildings.

Although specifically developed for ballast water tanks in new vessels, the new coating can also be used as a uni-primer for most vessel areas – above and below the waterline – providing high quality performance and peace of mind for customers.

IMO requires the use of a PSPC certified coating for water ballast tanks and the launch, today, of a new range of pure epoxy coatings represents the latest state-of-the-art in pure epoxy technology which delivers optimised performance based on customer requirements.

 •  State of the art high quality pure epoxy technology
 •  High efficiency for yards due to fast drying and year around applications from -100C to +400C
 •  Option to upgrade with aluminium pigmentation & proprietary fibre reinforcement technology to enhance anti-corrosion properties and long-term durability with reduced maintenance expectations.

Developed specifically with customer requirements in mind, HEMPADUR QUATTRO XO consists of a range of high quality pure epoxy coatings to suit the different yard working methods and VOC requirements. Longer re-coat intervals are required in Korea and Europe whereas shorter intervals have been adopted in China and the Americas. Similarly, Korea and the US prefer 80% volume solids whilst China mainly works with 60-70%.

For the shipowner, charterer or shipmanagement company, the high quality and robustness of QUATTRO XO gives peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs.

Speaking at the launch, product manager Roger Chen commented:

“This new product range has been in development for three years and builds on the wide success of our existing HEMPADUR QUATTRO family of epoxy coatings. Making use of the state-of-the-art pure epoxy technology and providing opportunity to reinforce performance with aluminium pigmentation and proprietary micro-fibre reinforcement technology ensures exceptionally high protection at a reasonable price. We have listened carefully to our customers and produced the new XO coating to tie in with their specific requirements.”


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For further information:
Malte V. Eggers
Group Branding & Communication Director
Hempel A/S
Tel: + 45 4527 3976
Mobile: + 45 2097 5809

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