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WASUB V team reaches new human-powered submarine world speed record

The WASUB team of the Delft University of Technology now holds the world speed record for human-powered, one-person propeller driven submarines. The final clocked speed of 7.42 knots was the highest in all categories including two-person submarines during the International Submarine Races (ISR) held 22-26 June 2015 at the Naval Surface Warfare Center near Bethesda, Maryland (United States).

Damen is proud to be one of the main sponsors. “They have the absolute speed record. Damen congratulates the WASUB TU Delft team on being the fastest in all classes. An outstanding achievement,” comments Research Coordinator Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Joep Broekhuijsen.

A team of 20 students from Delft University of Technology designed, built and tested a man-powered submarine, the WASUB V. After a year of hard work, it was time to participate in the race. During ISR, the WASUB V shot across the 900m long David Taylor Basin at a tremendous speed and won first place.

Team manager WASUB V Ruben de Nie, explains: “Best we could have done. We had the right ingredients and it all came together at the right moment.” Over the relationship between the team and Damen, he states: “By sharing our team’s innovative knowledge with Damen we can help tackle problems and co-create solutions.”

Submarine replacement research
The shared knowledge resulting from the lessons learned during this project could be valuable for future submarine replacement research. Mr. Broekhuijsen comments: “WASUB model scales could be used in the future for Dutch submarine designs. Their studies and research on space within the submarine, hydrodynamics, outer surface coating and propeller propulsion, could contribute to innovative submarine full-scale designs.” This multi-disciplinary student team has also recorded its findings so that new student recruits have access to this knowledge base.

Damen continues to invest in R&D and is currently working together with Swedish defence and security company Saab in exploring future opportunities in the international submarine market. They signed an exclusive teaming agreement on realising a successor to the present Walrus class early this year; a vessel that will set a new standard for non-nuclear submarines.

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