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TTS to deliver access equipment for the world largest hospital ship

TTS Marine AB has received an order from the Chinese yard Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding Heavy Industries, a member of the state owned shipbuilding group China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). The contract includes delivery of equipment for access of personnel and provision to a 37,000 GT hospital ship to be built for the charity organisation Mercy Ships.

By this new contract TTS Marine AB will deliver one shipset of equipment for access of patients, staff and provisions.

The equipment to be delivered by TTS includes various types of shell doors serving as entrance for hospital patients, staff, provisions and bunker and additionally four accommodation gangways, two on each deck no 4 and 5, PS and SB, including hydraulic and electric systems for operation of the equipment. The contract includes complete delivery of equipment, including design, delivery of complete structures and supervision of installation at the shipyard.

The vessel, to be named Atlantic Mercy, will be the world’s largest civilian hospital ship. The vessel will be built for the Mercy Ships, a world-wide charity organisation operating around the globe at locations with insufficient medical care offering free health care to the poorest countries in the world. The organisation today have one hospital ship in operation, the former Danish rail ferry “Dronning Ingrid”, purchased and converted in 1999. For Mercy Ships this newbuilding will be the first hospital ship built for its intended purpose.

The ship design will be made by Finnish Deltamarin and project management for the newbuilding is made by Stena RoRo and the ship arrangement has been based on Stena’s RoPax concept Stena Seabird. The new vessel will have a capacity for 154 patients and about 600 medical staff and crew.

Delivery of the equipment from TTS Marine AB is scheduled to be completed by 2nd quarter 2016.

The vessel is scheduled to be delivered to the owner by July 2017.

The above contract exemplify the TTS position as a supplier of Cargo Access Equipment to the marine industry for varying ship types, from car carriers to passenger ships as well as to navy applications and special purpose built ships like this hospital ship for Mercy Ships. Common for all deliveries is an early involvement of TTS and a close cooperation with both yards and end-users to obtain the best and most favourable logistic solutions for the trade the vessels are intended..


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CEO & President,
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