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Presentation of the LNG Hybrid Barge in Copenhagen, Rostock and Kiel

The first season of the LNG Hybrid Barge at the port of Hamburg was successful. In October the environmentally-friendly innovation from Becker Marine Systems will now be presented in three other port cities as part of the LNG Hybrid Barge Baltic Tour. In addition, a“Memorandum of Understanding” for operating an LNG Hybrid Barge at the port of Rotterdam has been signed.

During the Baltic Tour from 7th to 23rd October 2015 Becker Marine Systems will be presenting the LNG Hybrid Barge in Copenhagen, Rostock and Kiel. The barge works like a floating power plant that can supply low-emission power to cruise ships during their layovers at port. In each of the three cities a press conference will be held and it will be possible to visit the barge christened the HUMMEL daily between 9 am and 6 pm. Guided tours are possible after prior registration at

The schedule for the LNG Hybrid Barge Baltic Tour:
7th to 9th October 2015: Copenhagen, Nordre Toldbod
15th to 16th October 2015: Rostock, Cruise Terminal
22nd to 23rd October 2015: Kiel, Ostseekai, Liegeplatz 28

With the assistance of a tugboat, the LNG Hybrid Barge will thus be leaving the port of Hamburg for the first time in October. Since spring it has supplied environmentally friendly power with an output of 7.5 megawatts to the AIDAsol cruise ship during each of it layovers in Hamburg. “With the Baltic Tour we would also like to draw the attention of other cities to the environmentallyfriendly technology made possible by the use of the low-emission fuel”, said Dirk Lehmann, Becker Marine Systems’ Managing Director.

The barge developed and operated by the Hamburg-based company works like a floating power plant that via a gas container filled with 15 tonnes of LNG (“Liquefied Natural Gas”) generates and transfers power to the ship. In doing so, the LNG Hybrid Barge emits no sulphur dioxides or soot compared to conventional marine diesel with 0.1% sulphur content. Emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide are also significantly reduced.


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The Hamburg-based Becker Marine Systems is the market leader for high-performance rudders and manoeuvring solutions for all types of ships. Becker’s reliable rudder systems are first choice for luxury yachts and super tankers as well as mega container ships, passenger ferries and large cruise vessels.

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