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Hempel launches new, top-line fouling release coating to deliver optimal fuel savings

Building on its industry proven Hempasil range of fouling release systems, leading marine coatings manufacturer Hempel announces the launch of a new antifouling to deliver optimal fuel savings and return on investment.
The new Hempasil X3+ is a top of the line, biocide free, two-component, fouling release coating with a high solids content that ensures clean hulls for longer periods.

Hempasil X3+ creates a smooth, low energy surface with unique fouling release properties. Its hydrogel micro layer prevents fouling organisms from firmly adhering to the hull while retaining the self-cleaning properties of silicone. The product is a completely biocide free paint and has no impact on the marine environment which assists shipowners fulfil their obligations to the environment.

This latest trusted solution from Hempel is based on unique hydrogel technology comprising a network of advanced polymer chains which absorb high amounts of water (to a level of more than 99%), to create a water-like boundary layer. This layer effectively tricks the fouling organisms into believing the hull is a liquid and not a solid surface and this minimises protein and bacterial adhesion.

Announcing the launch, Henrik Dyrholm, Hempel’s Group Product Manager said:
“This innovative new coating has been developed in consultation with our customers to offer an additional choice for owners and yards and to deliver optimal fuel savings. Due to its high efficiency, the Hempasil X3+ will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a vessel making it the ideal choice for environmentally aware shipowners, who want the best for the environment and their business. Our innovative hydrogel technology gives an additional layer of protection that remains present and stable over time to provide optimal fouling prevention and performance.”

Hempel invests heavily in R&D to ensure it continues to develop effective and relevant coating solutions for its customers and the market.


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For further information:
Malte V. Eggers
Group Branding & Communication Director
Hempel A/S
Tel: + 45 4527 3976
Mobile: + 45 2097 5809

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