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V.F. Tanker has summarized the results of the first half of the year 2016

Based on the results of the first six months of 2016, the total volume of cargo carried by V.F. Tanker Ltd. (part of UCL Holding) made 2.1 mln ton, which exceeds by 27% the last year’s figure for the same period.

There were no major changes in the range of the cargoes carried from January to June 2016. Export cargoes still accounted for the largest proportion: fuel oil – 23%, bitumen – 21%, vacuum gas oil – 15%, crude oil – 7%, and diesel fuel – 7%, with around 95% of the total quantity of the cargoes delivered during the accounting period accruing to the inland traffic.

The main factor that contributed to the growth in the company’s cargo transportation volume in general and the increase in the domestic shipments in particular was a more favorable climatic and hydrological situation in all transit areas of the inland waterways, as compared to the low water navigation in 2015.

Considering this year’s navigation conditions, as well as the operational and technical characteristics of the company’s fleet,  transportation schemes involving en route transshipment are currently being made the best use of when delivering  cargoes by inland waterways. Cargoes are transshipped from inland vessels to mixed river-sea going vessels in the roads of Volgograd using an oil pumping station (southward). The utilized transshipment schemes enable the company to significantly improve the transportation efficiency due to a reduced duration of round voyages of river-sea class tankers with increased deadweight and hull fullness.

A total of about 45 self-propelled vessels and 10 barge towing trains operated under the management of V.F. Tanker Ltd. during the accounting period.


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V.F. Tanker forms part of VBTH – the shipping division of UCL Holding international transportation group, consolidating a variety of Russian shipping, railway, stevedore and logistic companies.
V.F. Tanker Ltd. specializes in liquid bulk cargo transportation by inland and international waterways. The company operates 80 vessels of the total deadweight of around 400,000 ton.

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